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Cool Coins! TNA Convention 2012

Michael Grant, Jack Gilbert, James Fitzgerald, Steven Ellsworth, Malcolm Self, Lee Logan, Gary Andrews, Nathan Howe
Interviewer: David Lisot

More cool coins from the people who are passionate about their hobby. See a coin of German East Africa, 1807 half dollar, 1799 large cent, 1948 dime, 1963 double die reverse dime, Franklin half dollars, $100 Fort Worth, TX Brownback bank note, and SS Republic half dollar sunken treasure. Plus you will learn the stories that make all these coins so cool!
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54th annual Texas Numismatic Association Convention Coin and Currency Show
Fort Worth, Texas

The 54th annual Texas Numismatic Association Convention Coin and Currency Show was held in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

TNA was founded in 1960 and is the largest coin club in the state. Each year they sponsor a coin convention that brings collectors and dealers from all over the country to buy, sell, and trade.

This year’s convention was one of the largest in recent times featuring more than 150 dealer booths. Activities included an auction by Spink, Boy Scout activities, educational lectures, coin and paper money exhibits, an auction for kids, and an opportunity for young people to learn how to buy and sell coins.

We will have interviews with several of the show participants and well as a “Cool Coin” segment being featured on CoinWeek.

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