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Double-Tailed Quarter Dollar Error Coin – Most Expensive Washington Quarter Error – 4K Video

Nationally-known error coin dealer Fred Weinberg always brings amazing error coins with him when he travels the national coin show circuit.

At the January 2018 FUN Show, Fred brought an error coin that for as hard as you look, you probably will never find in change – a double-tailed quarter.

The double-tailed quarter is one of the most unusual and highly coveted mint error in the modern U.S. series. Many people believe that they’ve seen one, but odds are if you’ve ever encountered a double-headed or double-tailed quarter in change then you probably had in your hand a novelty “magician’s coin”, a clever sleight-of-hand coin that merges two coins into one. A real double-tailed quarter is struck on an official U.S. Mint press using two reverse dies.

Something that shouldn’t happen, but apparently did at the hands of some enterprising mint workers.

PCGS Double-Tailed Quarter dollar ErrorCharles Morgan and Fred Weinberg talk about this exciting error coin, try to determine when and where it was struck, and how a numismatic expert can differentiate a genuine double-sided error from the more commonly-encountered “magician’s coin”.

If you like to collect U.S. Mint errors, you will definitely enjoy the opportunity to see this unique error coin in this CoinWeek Exclusive video, shot in 4K Ultra High Definition.

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    • I have also found a 2 tailed quarter. Not sure what its weight is but it sure seems real. Have you ever got a response or had yours checked out? I don’t know whom I can trust enough to look at mine.

    • Send it to Dr. James Wiles. For a nominal fee he will tell you. I’ve sent error coins to him, very tr

  1. I also have a two tailed quarter
    I am also looking to see if it’s real
    To bad Fred Weinberg is retired
    Because I sure would love for him to look at my erro coin


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