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East India Company Issues Gold Guineas for Reign of King George III Bicentenary

East India Company Issues Gold Guineas for Reign of King George III Bicentenary

By East India Company Bullion Ltd ……
The East India Company Bullion Ltd., a subsidiary of The East India Company and in partnership with the Treasury of the Government of St. Helena has released 2020-dated gold Proof Guinea coins in remembrance of the end of the reign of King George III. The East India Company and the Government and Treasury of St. Helena have a historic and continued association with the issuance of coinage since 1821.

The new collector’s gold Guinea 2020-dated Proof quality coins are issued in three historic denominations of 1, ½ and ¼ Guineas – and feature classic reverse motifs used on one Guinea coins during the reign of King George III. With reverse designs skilfully recreated and minted to the exact specifications of the last Guineas produced, the one Guinea denomination features the famous military design minted for only one year in 1813 and considered one of the rarest of the series.

The half Guinea coin depicts the distinctive Coat of Arms included on the well-known Spade Guinea minted from 1787 to 1799 and representing the realms within the United Kingdom during the near 60-year reign of King George III.

Finally, the quarter Guinea coins highlight the Rose Crown design originally minted from 1761 to 1786. Featuring a crowned shield of the Royal Arms elaborately garnished, its ornate frame was compared to an open rose.

East India Company Bullion Ltd Presents Gold Guinea set in remembrance of George III, 1820 - 2020

The Guinea, equal to 21 shillings is especially significant to King George III as they were last minted during his reign in 1813. With the introduction of the Great Re-coinage of 1816, they were discontinued in favor of a new gold pound coin, the Sovereign of 20 shillings that same year.

The obverse bears the newest commonwealth effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II created by engraver Jody Clark. The text around the Queen’s portrait includes the name of the issuing authority of St. Helena and the decimal denomination placed below the Queen’s likeness. Each coin also features the EIC provenance mark also shown on the obverse.

The East India Company Bullion Ltd. – in association with the Treasury of St. Helena – are pleased to offer the one Guinea Proof-quality coins as an individual purchase or a three-coin set including all denominations available with a strict mintage of just 200 sets worldwide. Presented in polished hardwood custom cases, the one Guinea and three-coin set is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

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