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Eloise Ullman Has Announced her Retirement from The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA)

The search begins at The Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

After 23 years of distinguished service, Eloise Ullman has announced her retirement as executive director of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, effective later this year. The officers of the tangible asset/numismatic industry’s national trade association launched an immediate search May 9 for a successor.

Ullman joined ICTA in 1990. She has served through good times and some very lean years.

“Despite the lean years her performance has always been exemplary,” said Harry Miller of Millers Mint Ltd.

“It is critical that the coin industry’s oversight of the federal government continue at the very high level fostered by Ullman’s professionalism and dedicated service,” Bob Greenstein of Harlan J Berk Ltd said.

ICTA Board Meeting, New Orleans 2013 - Photo by Donn Pearlman
ICTA Board Meeting at Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans 2013 – Photo by Donn Pearlman

Rules, regulations and laws that affect the tangible assets/numismatic industry are monitored by ICTA at the national level. ICTA also provides assistance at the local, state, or regional level with rules, regulations and laws that may affect the tangible assets/numismatic industry. It is the watchdog against unfair, unjust and burdensome regulation and taxes.  Founded in 1983, now with over 700 members, primarily as a dealer educational/government affairs organization, ICTA also attempts to protect average investors and collectors from over regulation and taxation.

Because ICTA’s officers are currently developing a strategy for the future as they see more and greater attempts at government oversight and intervention, it would be helpful for candidates interested in applying for the post of ICTA executive director to be familiar with numismatics and dealer issues. Good communication skills, management experience and a working knowledge of business and finance are required along with an understanding of government affairs. Candidates for the position must be motivated and self-starters.

To begin the application process, interested candidates and those who can recommend possible candidates are asked to contact Harry Miller [email protected] for further information.

ICTA Legislative Update 2013 March. VIDEO 3:44

Eloise Ullman, Executive Director, Industry Council for Tangible Assets …….
Interviewer: David Lisot

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