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Guess the Grade of This 1924-D Buffalo Nickel


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Today we are looking at a 1924-D Buffalo nickel. Can you guess the grade?

But first, last week we had you look at a 1914-D key date Lincoln cent. That example was unusual for two reasons: first, it is solidly in Mint State and second, it still retains its original red color. Although, as one would expect, the copper color has mellowed to a pale bisque.

If you guessed MS64RD, then you got it right. Congratulations!

Getting it right were:

Chris Gay, Carrol Lager Jr., Pennies and Shillings, Erik Bermudez, Tyler S., Michael E. Finds, Spare Change Keeper, Tom Feldbruegge.

Kayne Friday was really close with “Poor-1”–just 63 grades off. All kidding aside, good job everybody – keep it up!

The 1924-D Buffalo nickel was struck in the 12th year of the series. It is the first Buffalo nickel struck at the Denver Mint since 1920. Sure, it’s not on the S tier of Buffalo rarities, but it is scarce and sits solidly on the A tier.

So what are we looking for when it comes to D-mint nickels from the 1920s? Most are poorly struck. As beautiful as Buffalo nickels are – the mint had a very hard time making them – this is why they were eager to ditch the design in 1938.

Buffalo collectors like horn detail, tail detail, and strong lettering. This coin straddles the line in that regard. The color pops on this piece, but all un-dipped nickels will tone to some degree over the course of 100 years.

What grade do you give it? Any clue how much it’s worth? Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll be back next week to let you know how you did.

CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan narrates.

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