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Coin Investment Literature. Image: CoinWeek.

Numismatic Investment Literature

Numismatic investment literature is a genre of often pulpy numismatic books that focus primarily on the coin market and offer various pointers or advice...
Rolled Coin, the type one would drop off at a dump bank

Dump Bank – One Half of the Coin Roll Hunting Equation

(n.) A dump bank is a bank used to dispose of unwanted rolled coins. The success of roll hunting greatly depends on having access to...
50 State Quarters. Image: Adobe Stock.

Modern Quarters Worth Money

By CoinWeek .... Have you ever looked through your change, wondering if any of the coins you have might be valuable? Some of them are....
Ebay listing advertising an "Estate Sale," while using an altered photograph from a famous company. Image: CoinWeek.

Estate Sale – Another Abused Numismatic Marketing Term

(n.) An estate sale is an auction or other kind of sale in which a deceased person’s belongings are offered to the public, presumably by...
1938-D Buffalo nickel. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins / CoinWeek.

Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938) | CoinWeek

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   Buffalo or Indian Head nickels have been a popular series with collectors since the start...
Mint State Liberty Head Nickels. Image: CoinWeek.

An Introduction to Liberty Nickels, Part 2: Uncirculated Coins

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   Link to Part 1: Circulated Liberty Nickels * * * This week's topic is the collecting of uncirculated Liberty Nickels. I...
Circulated Liberty Head Nickels. Image: CoinWeek.

An Introduction to Liberty Nickels, Part 1: Circulated Coins

By Greg Reynolds for CoinWeek .....   For more than a half-century, Liberty Nickels have been extremely popular with collectors because they are inexpensive and readily...
Unsearched rolls of one cent coins. Image: Adobe Stock.

Unsearched Roll : What It Does and Doesn’t Mean

An unsearched roll is a roll of coins that has not been sorted through or cherrypicked by a collector looking to remove rare dates...
1987 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin. Image: CoinWeek.

1987 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin : A Collector’s Guide

Strong Sales for the 1987 American Silver Eagle Authorized on July 9, 1985 by the Liberty Coin Act (Public Law 99-61), American Silver Eagles were...
Grading gold coins

Some Practical Coin Grading Concepts for the Average Collector

By Roger W. Burdette, special to CoinWeek .....   Several days ago, a collector (DeplorableDan) posted photos and comments about an 1836 Quarter Eagle, Block 8...
An image of a jar of cash and a gold coin. Tips for saving nice coins.

Budget Coin Collecting: How to Raise Money to Buy Better Coins

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   It happens to every collector, and often on a repeated basis. An exciting coin comes along - imagine a $5...
Collecting rare coins on a budget is a necessity for most numismatists.

Collecting Rare Coins: How to Get Started on a Budget

On a tight budget, the world of rare coin collecting can seem daunting, even to seasoned numismatic enthusiasts. This piece from Blanchard and Company...
Attractive and Affordable world coins.

Ten Attractive and Inexpensive World Coins to Get Your Collection Started

Collectors on a budget will find world coins an interesting area to pursue Al Doyle lists 10 world coin areas that should excite...
Prooflike and Deep Mirror Prooflike Morgan Dollars are highly sought after by collectors.

Morgan Dollars for Beginners: Proof vs. Prooflike

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ....   There are many aspects of coin collecting that can seem daunting to the uninitiated, but as...
Silver Stacking : Collecting silver rounds and bars. Image: Adobe Stock.

Silver Stacking – Collecting Silver Rounds and Bars

By Al Doyle for CoinWeek .....   Whether they admit it or not, silver stackers get excited about watching their holdings grow by anywhere from a few pre-1965 dimes to...

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