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Harlan J. Berk Sells PQ Crimson Tide Peace Dollar Collection

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Harlan J. Berk, Ltd (HJB) announced the sale of the Crimson Tide Peace Dollar Collection. This exceptionally nice, 100% complete set of Peace dollars was sold as a set and was assembled over the course of 15 years by a long-time collector who had a great eye for quality coins.

Regarding the quality of the coins, HJB’s Mike Printz remarked, “While these are not ‘finest knowns’, this set is comprised of hand-picked Gems that certainly rival most Peace Dollar collections.”

Assembling a Peace dollar collection with high-end, high-grade coins is challenging as many coins in the series were generally poorly struck. A few dates are exceptionally rare in MS65 or finer, and when they are encountered, they are often a disappointment due to strike, luster, marks, and eye appeal.

Harlan J. Berk Sells PQ Crimson Tide Peace Dollar Collection

The coins in the Crimson Tide Collection exhibit far better than average striking detail along with wonderful luster and superior eye appeal.

Crimson Tide Collection Breakdown

  • 1921 Mint State 66
  • 1922 Mint State 66 CAC
  • 1922-D Mint State 66 CAC
  • 1923 Mint State 66 CAC
  • 1923-D Mint State 65 CAC
  • 1923-S Mint State 65
  • 1924 Mint State 67 CAC
  • 1924-S Mint State 64 CAC
  • 1925 Mint State 66+ CAC
  • 1925-S Mint State 64 CAC
  • 1926 Mint State 65
  • 1926-D Mint State 66 CAC
  • 1926-S Mint State 65
  • 1927 Mint State 65
  • 1927-D Mint State 65 CAC
  • 1927-S Mint State 64+ CAC
  • 1928 Mint State 65 CAC
  • 1928-S Mint State 65
  • 1934 Mint State 66
  • 1934-D Mint State 65 CAC
  • 1934-S Mint State 65
  • 1935 Mint State 66 CAC
  • 1935-S Mint State 66

* * *

About Harlan J. Berk, Ltd

Harlan J. Berk Ltd (HJB) has been a trusted institution for collectors since 1964. The original location in Joliet, Illinois sold ancient coins and antiquities mainly through mail order. In 1989, a rare opportunity presented itself when Harlan was offered the historic coin location once occupied by Rarcoa at 31 N. Clark Street in the heart of the Chicago financial district.

Over 50 years later, HJB continues to grow and change with the times. The downtown location offers our customers the experience of meeting face to face with our experts in all areas ranging from ancient, U.S., and world coins, paper money, bullion, antiquities, and paintings. All our experts have, on average, over 15 years of experience, most much more, and have worked with some of the most well-known collectors in the industry. Alternatively, we offer a range of buying and selling options and auction platforms to appeal to all customers.

Harlan, author of 100 Greatest Ancient Coins, is still very active in the day-to-day operations along with his son Aaron who has nearly 30 years in the coin industry himself. Contact HJB today whether you are buying/selling or you just need advice navigating the coin industry at [email protected] or visit

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