Heritage Auction of Bonser Collection Error Coins Closes on March 28

Heritage Auction of Bonser Collection Error Coins Closes on March 28

When coins are manufactured, things don’t necessarily go as planned, and the results can be both very intriguing and highly collectible. And so, Heritage Auctions is bringing you Part 5 of The Don Bonser Collection of United States Error Coins, featuring 212 examples of Mint miscues. This Showcase auction is open now for bidding at Coins.HA.com and will end with a live session beginning at 6 PM CT on Monday, March 28.

Proof error coins are popular – and valuable – largely because of the additional care that is taken during the process of creating Proof coinage. When error Proof coins escape the Mint, they’re particularly noticeable. One example of this kind of error is lot 45158, a 1972-S Roosevelt Dime — Double Struck, Both Off Center, graded PR67star by NGC. Both sides are off-center toward 12 o’clock, and are out of collar, with the planchet greatly expanded so that none of the border legends run off the flan. Two planchet stretch cracks appear at 11:30 and 12:30 relative to the obverse. The fields are deeply reflective, and there is slight russet toning in the centers.

A few of the additional notable coins from this auction include these unique offerings:

We encourage you to take a look at all of the fascinating error coins in this auction at Coins.HA.com. Bidding is open now, continuing through March 28.

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