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Heritage Auction Offers Solovey Collection of Japanese and Chinese Foreign Banknotes

Yuri Solovey Collection- Heritage Auctions

We are pleased to offer yet another incredible installment of the Yuri Solovey Collection, consisting of both The Yuri Solovey Collection of Japan and Territories and The Yuri Solovey Collection of Chinese Foreign Banks & Hong Kong. The Yuri Solovey Collection is featured in its own stand-alone catalog as a part of the June 26-28 Hong Kong World Paper Money Signature Auction.

Mr. Solovey is an investor and businessman with a passion for traveling and culture and is drawn to paper money because of its artistry and history. His penchant for banknotes began as he encountered the varied circulating currencies from travels around the world, each time bringing circulating examples home with him. His traveling pursuits are a serious endeavor, having tallied visits to 132 countries, including locales that are nearly inaccessible due to politics or sheer remoteness. Few globetrotters have logged the travels Yuri has, including North Korea, Kiribati, Congo Democratic Republic, Central African Republic, Federated States of Micronesia, Burkina Faso, and most recently, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. The understanding of the cultures and experiences in travel make collecting world banknotes a perfect complement to a life of adventurous travel.

In Yuri’s extensive travels, China, Japan, and the Far East have been some of his favorite places to visit. The history, culture, and geographic beauty captivated him. Collecting currency was an easy foray into deeper research of the history of the region. His Japanese collection includes notes issued during Mutsuhito’s rule, following a long period of extreme isolationism. Also, a large selection of notes from Japan’s National Banking system plus government and territorial issues through the end of World War II will be in the auction. The offering of Chinese material is focused on Foreign Banks that had a presence on Chinese soil and helped increase liquidity in an economy that was growing at an astonishing rate.

Here are just some of the incredible pieces that will be crossing the auction block:

We encourage bidders to peruse closely, as many of the notes up for auction are once-in-a-decade offerings. Also, look forward to more installments of United States and World Paper Money from The Solovey Collection in coming months.

This auction is open for bidding now at

Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the world's largest collectibles auctioneers. Besides offering rare and valuable U.S. and world coins and currency, Heritage offers ancient coins, exonumia, antiques, comic books, sports memorabilia, and many other collectibles. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas.

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