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Heritage Auctions to Offer Cape Coral Collection of German 3 Marks at ANA

Very infrequently does one encounter a collection of such comprehensiveness and caliber that it may truly be deemed a reference collection. The dedication, time, and resources required to create such an achievement are simply too great for most to accomplish, and so it remains a rare case when an assemblage of this nature is painstakingly formed by means of the greatest attention to detail and completeness.

We are proud to present a collection that has risen to this challenge, under a name that will by now already be familiar to many of our bidders: The Cape Coral Collection of German 3 Marks, as a part of our August 15 ANA World’s Fair of Money World Coins Platinum Night Auction in Chicago.

Introduced under the individual kingdoms, states, duchies, and principalities of the only decades-old German Empire, the 3 Mark arose as a denomination intended for transactions, a unit of modest purchasing power falling between the smallest fractional denominations issued under the authority of the Reich as a whole, and the largest denominations produced on a more local level. Its appeal as a practical unit of trade spurred continued production, resulting in the great diversity available to collectors today, including a large variety of Proof and commemorative types, many of which display designs that are recognized almost universally by collectors.

The Cape Coral Collection represents an essentially complete run of the series from a type perspective, including even such rarities as the renowned Bavarian 1918-D Proof 3 Mark. In Proof, this type-date has a documented mintage of only 10 examples, serving as perhaps the greatest testament of the efforts undertaken to assemble a collection that will assuredly rank among “the best of the best”. This status, of course, is not the consequence of any single coin’s presence, but rather of an assortment that dazzles by both inclusiveness and conditional excellence.

From a technical standpoint, the collection contains a significant number of coins that either tie or stand alone as the finest graded for their respective types, ranging from exceptional, shimmering presentation-worthy Proofs of every available issuing authority to stunningly high-grade examples of the short-lived Weimar Republic.

If ever our bidders have sought a 3 Mark type for their collections which they have been previously unable to find with just the right appeal to suit their taste, it is doubtful that they will be left wanting after taking the opportunity to browse through the extraordinary selection contained within this collection. As such, we state without any hesitation that the Cape Coral Collection stands among those that we are proudest to have offered in our history, and certainly one that we are excited to share with the Heritage bidding community around the world.

Additional highlights of The Cape Coral Collection of German 3 Marks include:

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