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Heritage Central States Ancient & World Coins Auction Open for Bidding

As the auction season kicks into full stride with Heritage’s April 24-27 World and Ancient Coin Signature auction, we are excited to announce another standout auction, as well as the addition of a special Premier Session of elite coins sure to appeal to even the most scrupulous collector. Without further ado, here is a preview of the fantastic selections the auction holds.


The ancients section of our Premier Session rivals even our New York Platinum Night, offering a glittering display of high grade gold, alongside a nicely pedigreed assemblage of silver and bronze coins. Although an unpublished medallion of 9-Solidi from Constantine the Great is the highlight of this session, the Roman Empire also comes through with aurei of Augustus, Tiberius, Claudius, Vespasian and Philip II, among others.

The Byzantine Empire makes a strong showing with a glorious Gem Mint State Theodosius III solidus and the finest known Philippicus solidus at Gem Mint State ‘Star’, along with the first two Christ portraits from Justinian II’s first and second reigns.

Croesus and the Lydian Kingdom are well represented, with examples from both the heavy and light series.

A Caligula sestertius in Fine Style will delight the bronze collectors, and for the collectors of coins with excellent provenances, we are happy to offer several pieces from the Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection and ex Numismatic Fine Arts auctions from the early 1990s.

World Coins

Any Heritage sale would be remiss without a knockout British section, and here we do not disappoint, with an MS62+ Charles I Triple Unite and an absolutely stunning MS64 Elizabeth I Ship Ryal headlining these offerings. Not far behind is an impressive ‘Reddite’ pattern Crown of Charles II, one of just 10 reportedly produced. The early modern British series also features several finest-certified specimens, including a PR67 1911 5 Pounds, together with the finest Half-Sovereign, Sovereign, and 2 Pounds from William IV’s 1831 Proof set, all certified ‘star’ Ultra Cameo.

Gold world coins frequently feature strongly in our auctions, but the pieces on offer here truly present a special selection.

Chief among them is an exceptionally rare and imposing Venetian 15 Zecchini of Giovanni Corner II. While the single Zecchini of the period are generally quite unremarkable and were profusely minted, multiples of this size rarely enter the market-their larger size affording a much greater attention to detail-the example offered here grading XF45 by NGC without any traces of mounting or serious post-mint alteration. Also worthy of note is a Mint State “Round Shield” 20 Corona from Franz Joseph I’s final year as monarch of Austria, 1916, which captures the waves of change ushered in by the First World War, and was the last date that saw the use of the Habsburg arms on Austrian coinage prior to the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire.

Rounding out our continental gold selections is a superb assortment gold ducats and gold multiples from Germany, most particularly Bavarian 5 Ducats of Maximilian I, Maximilian II, and Maximilian III, as well as a 1744 10 Taler from Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, certified MS62+ NGC, and a Mint State gold 20 Mark of 1905 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Further ducats of Brandenburg-Ansbach, Bamberg, and Wurzburg punctuate this stunning group.

Finally, a brief but engaging detour is made to Haiti for one of the most intriguing selections of Haitian pattern and circulation issues we have offered, surely headed by a highly medallic PR61 Pattern Crown of Henri Christophe, though also including patterns of Faustin I and numerous War of Independence and Insurrectionary issues.

With such an exciting variety, we hope that you will share in all this April’s auction has to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we can do to make your bidding experience more enjoyable. Our team of expert numismatists and graders is available to assist with any viewing questions. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

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