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Heritage Inaugural Chicago World Coin Auction Open for Bidding

We are pleased to present our inaugural Chicago Coin Expo World and Ancient Coin Auction April 7-11 in the historic Chicago Cultural Center in vibrant downtown Chicago. In addition to the exciting new venue, we’ve put together an auction equally enticing in diversity and quality.

Our Ancients section features a strong offering of some of the very first coins ever struck, electrum issues from Ionia and Lydia in several denominations ranging back to the origins of coinage circa 660 BCE. Among these rare “white gold” pieces are blank “typeless” issues, variants with simple striations and other abstract designs, an extremely rare inscribed sixth-stater and a number of fractions depicting a virtual menagerie of enigmatic animals and mythological creatures. This series leads smoothly into the world’s first gold coins, the impressive staters of the Lydian King Croesus, high-grade examples being offered in both “heavy” and “light” varieties.

The Roman series features silver denarii of the first Twelve Caesars and several scarce or rare rulers, many of them from the estate of Paul Balla, a Hungarian diplomat who assembled his remarkable collection while traversing Europe from the 1920s to the ’60s.

The Ancients section concludes with an impressive run of Late Roman and Byzantine gold, including a Mint State solidus of the elusive Empress Irene.

We’re particularly pleased to be offering highlights from the Schroeder Collection of Canadian Coins as a featured portion in this year’s sale. Avid collectors of the country will undoubtedly recognize a number of pieces from this astounding assemblage that were once part of great collections like Pittman, Norweb, Belzberg, Temple and more. Other pieces, often missing from these major collections of the past, feature great rarity, quality or both.

Building off the outstanding success of the D. Moore Collection that was sold in our most recent January NYINC auction, we’re quite honored again to be offering an additional selection in this auction. While small in number, the items are again offered in uniformly breathtaking quality, with most being of nearly irreplaceable quality.

Another exciting rarity for offer is the “Augstinus” Iturbide 8 Escudos, graded MS61 by NGC. As the only Mint State graded example of this error legend variety at either NGC or PCGS, it is sure to catch the eye of the specialist. Other notables include the always-popular Adelaide Pound of Australia in Mint State as well as a nice group of rare Russian medals, including two in gold.

Bidding for this auction is now open at www.HA.com/coins!

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