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Highlights from Sedwick Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction 23

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction 23

Treasure, World, U.S. Coin and Paper Money Auction #23

Live on the Internet, Tuesday-Wednesday, May 15-16, 2018


By Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC ……
One of the most rewarding things we do at Sedwick to put together an auction is deep research for important items, which we feel benefits everyone. Thanks to advances in technology that have increased the availability of research materials, we are able to discover (or rediscover) lost pedigrees, new varieties and important historical context – or even to correct longstanding errors. This extra work pays off for both consignors and bidders, of course, but also advances the general understanding of numismatic history. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors!

Here are some important highlights this time:

Gold Cobs – We begin with many high-grade Mexico City and Lima cob 8 escudos from the 1715 Fleet, plus a broad-flan Cuzco 2 escudos, along with a number of Colombian and Spanish cobs of all periods.

Lima cob 8 escudos 1741V regulated to $15

U.S. Coins and Paper Money starts with the perfect bridge from gold cobs: a unique and historical Lima cob 8 escudos 1741V regulated to $15 in value by Boston goldsmith Joseph Edwards, Jr. in the early days of the United States (sometime around 1770 to 1783). A brief history on regulated gold coinage in the United States, researched and written by Daniel Frank Sedwick, precedes the lot.

In World Gold Coins we feature several Mexican 8 escudos pedigreed to the James Bevill collection, including some that are plated in his Texas numismatic history book, The Paper Republic (2009).

The Shipwreck Ingots section has gold and silver specimens from nine different shipwrecks, including three large silver bars and a silver “piña” ingot all from Atocha (1622) with a combined weight of just over 266 troy pounds!

The Shipwreck Coins section consists of many gold and silver coins recovered from popular wrecks like Atocha (1622), Maravillas (1656), 1715 Fleet, Vliegenthart (1735), and SS Republic (1865) in addition to scarcer finds like Whydah (1717) and “Fort Capron treasure” (1857). Don’t miss the Auguste (1761) Shipwreck Research Collection, which boasts a wide variety of dates and mints of French ecus.

Our inaugural Coin Jewelry section is made up of pieces de-accessed from jewelry stock by several jewelers affected by recent hurricanes.

The Mexico, Lima and Potosí Silver Cobs sections feature several Royals (including a very rare Potosí 4 reales Royal 1709Y plated in the Standard Catalog) as well as two very rare Santo Domingo Charles-Joanna billon issues in the rare denominations of 11 maravedís and blanca.

Our large World Silver Coins section hosts several collections, including more Mexican coins from the James Bevill collection, the Ricardo Muñiz collection of Mexican pillar 1 reales, and our third offering of selections from the Richard Stuart collection.

Puerto Rican specimen 20 pesos note PMG 65EPQ

The World Paper Money section encompasses many rarities like a set of Peruvian Banco Central overprinted soles from 1935, two very rare and high-grade Puerto Rican specimen notes, and a selection of scarce Guatemalan quetzales.

Moving on to Artifacts, we have an array of shipwreck items such as a gold olive blossom chain and a coat of arms seal, both from the 1715 Fleet, in addition to various non-wreck pieces such as swords and flintlocks.

Following the main auction is an Express section featuring additional coins, medals and bank notes for the value-minded collector. We wish everyone the best of luck during the sale and hope that you will find the next great item to add to your collection. Thank you, consignors and bidders alike, for another great auction!

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Daniel Frank Sedwick
Daniel Frank Sedwick
Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC is one of the world’s premier specialist companies in the colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck coins, and artifacts of all nations. Their auctions offer live bidding on the dedicated website, with live video feed for floor auctions, lot-closing alerts, secure payment, and more.

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