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More Highlights from Kolbe & Fanning’s April 22 Sale

Composite Image: Frame and 18th Century Illustration of a U.S. Coin

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers are holding their Sale 145 on Saturday, April 22, 2017, with the live online auction beginning at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. The 443-lot sale features selections from the libraries of Tom Cederlind, Italo Vecchi and other consignors, and includes interesting and important material on ancient, foreign and U.S. numismatics.

Some highlights of the sale include:

  • Lot 122: a bound volume of publications by Edward T. Newell, many of them quite scarce
  • Lot 124: a complete set of Numismatic Fine Arts catalogues, many of them hardbound
  • Lot 146: the Ponton d’Amécourt Roman & Byzantine sale, with fine plates
  • Lot 189: a complete set of the American Numismatic Society Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum series
  • Lot 204: the rare and visually stunning Otto Bally work on Baden
  • Lot 242: a rare presentation volume by Ralph Heaton & Sons of the Birmingham Mint with fine autotype plates of coins
  • Lot 246: a very rare complete set of the Archiv für Bracteatenkunde
  • Lot 305: a rare 1839 publication on numismatics by John Allan, unlisted by Attinelli
  • Lot 328: a plated example of S.H. Chapman’s large-format catalogue of the Charles Gregory collection
  • Lot 372: Chauncy Lee’s 1797 American Accomptant, featuring the earliest known illustration of a U.S. coin and the first known appearance in print of a dollar sign.

Beginning with this auction, Auction Mobility as their third-party online bidding platform. Auction Mobility is an app-based platform allowing users the ability to participate in the sale through phones, tablets and computers (though bids placed via post, email, fax or phone will continue to be accepted). To register for the sale, bidders must go to and sign up. Those wishing to participate on their devices can download the new Kolbe & Fanning app through the Apple or Google Play Store.

The printed catalogue of Sale 145 has been mailed to active customers. A PDF of the printed catalogue has been posted to the firm’s website at for those who prefer that format (the online catalogue is truncated). Bids may be placed via post, email, fax or phone prior to the sale. Advance absentee bids may also be placed through the online catalogue at; live internet bidding will be available during the sale itself through the same platform.

Important Changes to Online Bidding Process

When placing absentee online bids in our April 22 auction, please note that it is essential to place your maximum bids. The Auction Mobility platform is designed to place bids privately, so that other bidders will not know that a lot has been bidden upon until the live sale is in progress. This means that you will not know of the bids placed by others, however, and just because it is possible to place a minimal bid on a lot does not mean that someone else hasn’t already placed a higher bid. Your absentee bids will be executed during the live portion of the auction. We are working with Auction Mobility to add current absentee bidding levels to future sales.

Kolbe & Fanning are always happy to provide advice and guidance on the bidding process, and we are happy to accept bids via email, fax, mail or phone for those who wish to bid in these ways.

* * *

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC is a licensed and bonded auction firm in the State of Ohio. For more information, please see the Kolbe & Fanning website at or email David Fanning at [email protected]. To register for the sale, go to We look forward to your participation.

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