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Illustrator Develops Line of Coin-Themed Greeting Cards

By CoinWeek News Staff
Family farmer, cartoonist and 3D-illustrator Don Chambers has introduced a line of numismatically-themed greeting cards. Using a process that Chambers patented in 2012, the cards feature written and pictorial matter relating to coins and medals while an example of that coin or medal is attached to the card. At this time, Chambers is using a special adhesive product that he claims is easily removed and does not harm the surface of the coin, but says that his company may eventually develop a line of cards that inserts coins into special protective “bubbles” for security reasons.

Chambers’ interest in the idea was borne out of his experience as an illustrator. For years, Chambers has worked with the University of Illinois, creating graphics to promote the school. His published work has also appeared in numerous national magazines, including Farm Journal, Soybean Digest, Street Rodder, Car Craft, Bird Talk, & Quilt World. Chambers is also the creator of the award-winning comic strip Mannequins. In the strip, Chambers fuses photographic images of the American Midwest with 3D-animated characters. A compilation of that strip was published in 2001 as a book.


His numismatic venture continues to employ the same aesthetic, as you can see in the images of cards he provided to CoinWeek.

In a telephone interview, Chambers said that the cards offered the coin collecting hobby a great way to reach the general public:

“I really believe coin greetings could open up an entirely new market for mints and dealers and stir general public interest in coins. I think [that] if people begin to receive beautiful, historic coins in their greetings, many would realize they are something they do not want to lose.”

From a price point, Chambers feels that his product is competitive with traditional greeting cards:

“A card with a Mercury dime or other small silver coin or penny greetings could compete at a price point with nicer, paper-only cards. The idea that these cards actually have the potential to increase in value beyond the original purchase price point has significant marketing possibilities. [For the greeting card industry] it would be a first.”

chambers2smallAt the moment, Chambers is producing and selling the cards through his own company. He is offering his line of Mercury dime cards for $5.45 each–shipping and handling within the continental U.S. included. He plans to soon introduce an Indian Head cent card at the same price and a Lincoln “Wheat” cent line at $2.45 per card.

Chambers says that his company will also work with customers interested in custom photographs, artwork, or higher-end coins. The price for these projects is determined on a case-by-case basis.

To order Chambers’ numismatically-themed cards, or to get additional details about custom or bulk orders, please visit his website at www.mymeadow.com, or contact Don via email.

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