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Italian Mint Issues 2 Euro Commemorative Honoring Heroes Against the Mafia

Italian Mint Issues 2 Euro Commemorative Honoring Heroes Against the Mafia

By the Italian Mint ……
The 2022 Numismatic Collection created by the State Mint of Italy pays tribute to the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino with a two-euro legal tender coin in ordinary circulation throughout all EU member states, coined to commemorate the sacrifice of the two magistrates in the fight against the Mafia on the 30th anniversary of their disappearance.

The coin, issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, was made by Italian Mint artist Valerio De Seta, who, inspired by a famous photograph by Tony Gentile, rendered a realistic and vivid image of the two magistrates, symbols of the defense of legality and respect for institutions.

On the obverse of the coin are the smiling faces of the two judges from Gentile’s 1992 photo taken during a public event in Palermo.

Arched above is the inscription “FALCONE – BORSELLINO”; below, the dates “1992 2022”, respectively the year of the death of the magistrates and the year of issue of the coin, among which the acronym of the Italian Republic “RI” is inserted. On the right is the mint mark “R”, indicating the Mint of Rome; on the left are the initials “VdS” for Valerio de Seta. Also present are the 12 stars of the European Union.

The coin in its collector’s version, with a face value of 2 euros, has been minted in Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof, with a circulation of 12,000 and 10,000, respectively – to which is added 10,000 rolls of 25 Uncirculated pieces each.

The currency for ordinary circulation has an overall value of 6 million euros corresponding to 3 million coins.

The details and the technical-artistic characteristics of this as well as of the other works of the Numismatic Collection 2022 are published in the Catalog of the 2022 Collection available on the shop.ipzs.it portal.

You can also check the availability of the coin in person by contacting the point of sale at “Spazio Verdi”, located in Rome in Piazza Giuseppe Verdi 1.

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