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World Coins – Italy 2016 Sardinia Italy of Arts 10 Euro Silver Coin



The Sardinia Italy of Arts series features a bronze statuette of a warrior. The island of Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy west of the mainland and is the second-largest Italian island behind Sicily, which is also an autonomous region. There have been many civilizations in Sardinia going back to ancient times, and its history includes several conflicts between various Mediterranean peoples. From wars between native Sardinians and Phoenicians around 509 BCE to the defeat of the Romans by the Vandals nearly 1,000 years later, Sardinia is a land fraught with a long history of societal unrest.


A Sardinian warrior statue stands at a three-quarters angle on the right-center of the obverse, with toes touching the bottom rim and the tips of a horned helmet reaching the top segment of the rim. The bronze statue this design is modeled after is housed at the Roma Museo Nazionale Preistorico Etnografico Luigi Pigorini, or Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography. In the background is a terracotta round pintadera representing the Nuragic civilization, which inhabited Sardinia from the 18th century BCE to the second century CE.

Inscribed on the lower right side of the terracotta pattern is CASSOL, the surname of the coin’s designer, Maria Angela Cassol. REPUBBLICA ITALIANA circumscribes the central obverse design features along the rim.


A Sardinian archer bronze statue stands on the left side of the coin with his arrow pointing to the center-right side of the reverse; this bronze statuette is displayed at the Cagliari Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Stretching across the background of the reverse is a transenna of a bronze Nuragic votive boat with geometric patterning.

On the upper half of the reverse in three lines are the words ITALIA, DELLE, and ARTI. In the upper right of the coin, behind the head of the bronze archer statue, is an “R” mintmark signifying the Mint of Rome. Inside the top half of the bow is the date, 2016. On the bottom half of the coin, the denomination 10 EURO is inscribed on the bottom of the stylized boat feature, while SARDEGNA is found on the bottom center of the coin along the rim.

Designer(s): Maria Angela Cassol is an Italian medalist. She has designed multiple Italian euro coins, as well as coins for Vatican City.

Coin Specifications:

Country:  Italy
Year Of Issue:  2016
Denomination: 10 Euro
Mint Mark: R
Alloy:  .925 Fine Silver
Weight:  22 g
Diameter:  34 mm
Edge:  Discontinuous Coarse Milled
OBV Designer  Maria Angela Cassol
REV Designer Maria Angela Cassol
Quality:  Proof


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