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Kaiser Collection of German Gold Coins featured at ANA


We are honored and humbled to have been chosen to present the Kaiser Collection of German Gold Coins for your bidding consideration, as a part of the August 12 – 17 ANA World Coins Signature Auction in Chicago. The collection, while small in its number of lots, just 109, contains an impressively broad selection of many of the most desirable issues of the German Empire, in both Business Strike and Proof format.

More impressive than the breadth of the collection however, or even the rarities it contains, is the uniform exceptional quality that one finds. Patiently curated for well over a decade, the Kaiser Collection collector consistently demonstrated the ability to add coins with seldom-matched eye-appeal. In many cases, this curatorial passion resulted in the collector choosing coins that became the finest example certified by either NGC or PCGS, as well as the finest example we could locate. Truly, for its specialty, we have seen few comparable feats!

While highlights are numerous, we feel compelled to single out just a few examples for their rarity, condition or both. From Mecklenburg-Strelitz, we have to mention the fabulous 1873 10 mark. A classic rarity in the series, the mintage for this one-year type is a paltry 1,500 coins. More astounding than that however, the Kaiser Collection piece is seen in stunning MS67 NGC grade. As likely the finest extant for this type, we anticipate insatiable demand and likely a record-setting price.

Also incredible is the 1874 20 Mark issue of Schaumburg-Lippe with a mintage of only 3,000 pieces. Featuring the bust of Adolf Georg, this coin remains in unbelievable condition, and was graded MS67+ by PCGS. Like the aforementioned Mecklenburg-Strelitz coin, this coin, if not the finest extant, is certainly very close. Perhaps our favorite coin of the sale, however, is the Saxony 1914 Proof 20 Mark of Friedrich August. A pristine coin, it was graded PR68 Ultra Cameo by NGC. With thick frost on the motifs and endlessly deep reflectivity in the fields, it’s the finest German proof coin we’ve ever seen!

Several German Colonial issues cap off the Kaiser Collection. A pair of proof 1895-A German New Guinea gold pieces, both in the 10 and 20 mark denominations will surely excite collectors the world around. These coins, absolute classics within the numismatic community, showcase the famous “Birds of Paradise” motif, an illustration that would be just as beloved had these coins been minted in the millions and not in the low thousands for all formats. These examples, both in Gem proof condition, must be seen as top highlights of the entire sale. The final lot of the selection is a 15 Rupien from German East Africa. Another classically designed coin, this one too features an animal; the majestic African Elephant. While relatively available as a type, it would be truly challenging to find a more pleasing example of this type, as the reverse tone in particular sets this example apart.

As you can surely tell by now, we were truly impressed with the Kaiser Collection. As you get a chance to peruse the catalog, we expect that you will be as well. This is an auction that can be seen as an opportunity to obtain some of the finest German Empire gold coins in existence, but this is also a collection that be appreciated by itself for seeing the end result of a true connoisseur of numismatics.

If you decide to participate in bidding, we wish you all the luck in the world in your attempt make one of the Kaiser Collection jewels your own. Good luck!

This auction will open for bidding soon at www.HA.com/coins.

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