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Korea 2015 Seventh World Water Forum 1000 Won Tri-Metallic Coin


Established in 1996, the World Water Forum is a triennial conference dedicated to discovery and implementation of solutions to global water challenges. The organization brings together technology innovators, government and non-government organizations, and key policy and decision makers from around the world with the purpose of finding areas of mutual cooperation to provide safe and sanitary water to people throughout the world and to protect the global community against water-related disasters.

To commemorate the event, which was held in March 2015 in the Korean city of Daegu (대구) and the Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center and the Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center, the Bank of Korea has issued a special collectible 1000 Won tri-metallic coin. The coin’s outer ring is made of a golden-colored alloy of 75% copper, 21% zinc, and 4% nickel. This is joined to a silvery inner ring made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The coin’s golden center is made of 65% copper 65% and 35% zinc.

Obverse: The central motif of the Seventh World Water Forum 1000 Won is a drop of water, which is located at the center of the coin. Inside of the drop is a depiction of the earth with the Korean Peninsula being the center point of focus. Surrounding the drop and continuing into the coin’s nickel-colored band  is the word “water” inscribed in 34 languages. In the outer rim of the coin are the following inscriptions:  At the top: 제7회세계물포럼 (7th World Water Forum) and at the bottom: 2015, 한국은행 (The Bank of Korea) and 천원 (1000 Won).

Reverse:  The logo of the 7th World Water Forum is rendered in the coin’s center. The coin’s central core forms a circle that overlays the logo. All inscriptions on the coin’s reverse are in English. centered in this area an inscription reads: 7TH WORLD WATER FORUM. Wrapping around the rim, in the outer band are the following inscriptions: WATER FOR OUR FUTURE, DAEGU & GYEONGBUK, 2015, THE BANK OF KOREA, and 1000 WON.


Coin Specifications:

Country:  South Korea
Year Of Issue:  2015
Denomination:  1000 Won
Mint Mark:  
Mintage:  20,000
Alloy:  Copper-Nickel
Weight:  10.10 grams
Diameter:  28.20 mm
OBV Designer  
REV Designer  
Quality:  Uncirculated


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