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Mike Byers Mint Error News – Unique Broadstruck 1906-D $20 Liberty

Mike Byers Mint Error News - Unique Broadstruck 1906-D $20 Liberty

By Mike Byers for Mint Error News ……

1906-D $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle

Broadstruck (Out of the Collar)




This is the only known United States $20 Gold Piece that was broadstruck out of the collar. It expanded in size and has a plain edge. There are five to seven known partial collar $20 gold pieces that have sold in the $5,000 to $15,000 USD range.

$20 Liberty gold pieces were only struck at the Denver Mint in 1906 and 1907. This is the only known broadstruck $20 Liberty gold piece from ANY U.S. Mint. It is possible that there was an issue properly setting up the dies and collar to correctly strike these gold coins since it was the first year of striking, creating this unique broadstruck mint error.

In 1905, the Denver Mint was testing the new presses and equipment and would only strike gold coins in 1906 and 1907. The press was set up to strike uniface bronze medals, which were the diameter of $20 Liberty gold pieces. The design read DENVER 1905 on the obverse. These medals were struck as part of a ceremony celebrating the opening of the United States Mint in Denver.

Major mint errors on United State Gold Coins are extremely rare. Gold coins were examined and highly scrutinized before being put into U.S. Mint bags for circulation. It is exciting that this unique broadstruck $20 Liberty was accidentally created and unintentionally released from the Denver Mint.

Another world-class $20 Liberty major mint error is the unique 180-degree rotated double struck, which is available for $150,000. I previously sold a unique $20 Liberty struck 15% off-center that is currently valued at over $100,000.

This Unique Gold Broadstruck $20 is plated in Chapter 2 of the NLG award-winning book, World’s Greatest Mint Errors.

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Mike Byers Mint Error News

Mike Byers
Mike Byershttps://minterrornews.com/
Mike Byers is the Owner, Publisher and Editor of Mint Error News Magazine and the Mint Error News website that was founded in 2003. In 2009, Mike Byers published his first book, World's Greatest Mint Errors, which received the NLG Award for Best World Coin Book.

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