Mike Byers Mint Error News – Unique & Unlisted 1869 Standard Silver Half Dollar

By Mike Byers for Mint Error News ……

Patterns in the Standard Silver series, inscribed on each coin STANDARD SILVER, were produced in the dime, quarter dollar and half dollar denominations. The dies were engraved by William Barber with one common reverse die. They were struck in silver, copper, aluminum and brass. This discovery coin was struck without Barber’s initial on the ribbon. It was assigned Judd number 742b and was previously unknown to the numismatic community.

PCGS Trueview, 1869 Standard Silver Half Dollar J-742b Without Initial "B" On Ribbon PCGS PR 64+ CAC UNIQUE, UNLISTED & UNRECORDED. Courtesy Mike Byers

Below is a comparison with J-742a (pictured on the left) that has the B on the ribbon:

A comparison of J-746b Standard Silver half dollar pattern coin with a J-742a (pictured on the left) that has the B on the ribbon. Courtesy Mike Byers

uspatters.com screen grab for standard silver half dollar J-746b. Courtesy Mike Byers

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