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National Silver Dollar Round Table Award Winners and Central States Update

National Silver Dollar Round Table Award Winners and Central States Update

No NSDR Banquet at Central States

National Silver Dollar Round Table membership … I want to thank all of you that responded to the last two emails asking for feedback as to the likelihood of your presence at the Central States Numismatic Society show, and the possibility of having our annual NSDR Awards Banquet in conjunction with the show.

The numbers were just not enough to be able to justify the expense to the NSDR, as we had fewer than 20 people who were planning to attend the show. Unfortunately, we will have to put the annual banquet off until we meet again at the January FUN Show in 2023.

I would like to give attention to the Award winners for this last year as they should be recognized for their contributions and accomplishments. We will be shipping their plaques to them rather than waiting until this next January to personally hand them out.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ken Bressett

Ken Bressett has actively participated in the study of numismatics for over 80 years. His published works on the subject cover a wide range of topics and extend from short articles to standard reference books on such diverse areas as ancient coins, paper money, English, and United States coins. For the past 60 years, he has been editor of the Guide Book of US Coins – the famous Red Book. Throughout his career, he has worked as an author, editor, and publisher of books and products for coin collectors.

He has also taught the subject to hundreds of students through courses at Colorado College and other places. In addition to working for Whitman Publishing, he has served the ANA as Director of Coin Authentication and Educational Programs, and on the Board of Governors as Vice President and President.

Congratulations Ken Bressett for a lifetime of serving the numismatic community. You are certainly deserving of and worthy of the NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award!

Lifetime Achievement Award

Gary Adkins

An accurate belief that coins could be a valuable pursuit led Gary Adkins to a path of leadership in the field of numismatics. He discovered coin collecting as a child in Michigan when his father became interested.

Gary maintained a coin shop while employed full-time with Ford Motor, eventually selling the shop to a business partner and moving to Minnesota in the 1980s. Adkins owns and operates Gary Adkins Associates, Inc.

His expertise has extended to leadership roles within the numismatic community. He is a past president and life member of the ANA with 12 years of board service to his credit. He contributed 20 years of service to the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), including a term as chairman.

Adkins has been a member of the PNG since 1985, including 10 years on the board, and as a past president of the organization. One of his favorite accomplishments was the development of the “Collector’s Bill of Rights” for PNG, which outlines what consumers should expect when doing business in numismatics.

Recognitions include several prestigious awards. In 2009, he was honored with the Presidential Award from the ANA. The following year, the ANA presented him with the Harry J. Foreman Dealer of the Year Award. A lifetime achievement award was bestowed on Adkins in 2016 by the PNG. He has been a long-time member of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable (NSDR) and has served on its board as well.

Congratulations Gary for a lifetime of impacting, leading, and serving the numismatic community for decades with knowledge and integrity. You are certainly very deserving of the NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award!

NSDR President’s Awards

Don Ketterling

Don Ketterling has faithfully served as the Treasurer for the NSDR for nearly 10 years. He continues to steward all the financial details of the organization with extreme diligence and always a positive attitude. Thank you for all you do, the character you bring to the NSDR Board, as well as your handling of the financial matters of the organization.

Jeff Wuller

Jeff Wuller served two terms as the NSDR Board president and did a great job in bringing about a level of effectiveness that was often missing. He was helpful in the transition of the position of Board President when I stepped in a couple of years ago. He continues to provide leadership and valuable input to the NSDR membership and the NSDR Board. Thank you, Jeff, for your contributions to the NSDR.

Brittany Bradford

Brittany Bradford has been instrumental in the Social Media Program that was started a few years ago. She has faithfully posted pictures, videos, and other NSDR related materials on Facebook and Instagram. Starting at nearly zero followers on both platforms, the NSDR now has over 2,000 followers on Instagram and over 1,250 on Facebook. The benefit of increased social media presence has increased traffic to the NSDR website. This has benefited those that have paid advertising on the NSDR site by increased exposure and clicks to their business websites. This has also expanded the NSDR membership as more collectors follow the NSDR and use the pricing information on the website, as well as reading the articles and watching the videos on the site. Expanding the educational values upon which the NSDR was founded.

Well done, Brittany! you are certainly deserving of the recognition for your accomplishments that have benefitted the NSDR.

Please join me in congratulating and thanking these amazing individuals for their accomplishments!

Stay safe and stay well,

Don Rinkor

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