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New Book on French Coinage Made for American Colonies out Jan. 3


By Colonial Coin Collectors Club….
On January 3, 2016, the Colonial Coin Collectors Club (C4) will release Sydney F. Martin’s latest book, French Coinage Specifically For Colonial America. This is the third colonial coin book published by C4 written by Syd Martin.

Other works include The Rosa Americana Coinage of William Wood and The Hibernia Coinage of William Wood. The Rosa and Hibernia books are now considered standard references for those coinages and Syd’s long-awaited new book is expected to become the leading reference works on French Coinage minted for circulation in North America.

According to Lou Jordan, the curator of numismatic collections for the University of Notre Dame, “Syd Martin has written the definitive catalog of French coinage authorized specifically for use in North America.”

Jordan went on to state that “this is an essential book for anyone interested in the French coinage of colonial North America.”

“What many early American coin collectors fail to recognize,” Martin said, “is that from the 16th century until 1763, New France included much of what is now the United States, as well as most of Canada. As such, coins minted by France for circulation in its North American colonies should be considered ‘coins of the realm’ in these areas.”

Colonial numismatic expert, John Kraljevich, went on to explain that “the history of the French in what is today the United States is largely forgotten. However, the memory of these people and their coinage has been long cherished in Canada”.

Jim Rosen, president of C4, predicts that “Martin’s new book will awaken an interest in both the history of the French speaking people in North American and the coins they used such as the Gloriam Regni coins of 1670, the 6- and 12-denier copper coins minted in 1717, and the copper 9-denier coins from 1721 and ’22, all of which were struck in France specifically for circulation in the Americas.”

In the book’s introduction, John Kraljevich writes that

With Crosby-like flair, Syd has marshaled together the original documents that tell the stories of these coinages. Most have never been published at all, let alone in English or all in one place. This original research guarantees this work’s importance to researchers in every forthcoming generation. The heart of this book, the die studies, offers several pathways for collectors to navigate these series, by basic type, by major variety, by die combination, or even by die state. It’s a project that no one has ever even attempted before, an outlier in the world of colonial numismatics, a field that has seen multiple die studies of most of the popular series. Given Syd’s well-organized approach and the thousands of coins he’s studied, it may be generations before this work is supplanted. It’s doubtful anyone will ever do it any better.”

The 480-page book is hardbound, well-illustrated throughout with photographs of the different coin varieties examined, with dust jacket depicting French Coinage. French Coinage Specifically For Colonial America, by Sydney F. Martin, will be available on January 3 for $85.00 plus $7.00 shipping from bookseller Charles Davis, (http://www.numisbook.com/), P.O. Box 1, Wenham, MA 01984, or call (978) 468-2933.

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