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New Gold Coin Celebrates Sesquicentennial of the Finnish Mark

The first silver Finnish mark was minted at Mint of Finland on 15 October 1864. The obverse of the first mark and numismatics gold coin depicts the two-headed Russian eagle, whose heart-shaped heraldic shield bears the lion coat of arms of Finland.

numismaatikaThe obverse depicts the two-headed Russian eagle with the lion coat of arms of Finland on the shield at its centre. The oak leaves and decorative ribbon encircling the silver mark’s reverse are repeated on the new ‘First Mark and Numismatics’ collector coin.

The only Finnish gold coin to be struck in 2014, it commemorates the silver mark and also honours the numismatists who collect and study metal coins.


Numbered special edition packaged in Vitriini glass cases

The numismatist gold coin is presented in a handsome wood box. There is also a special edition of the coin limited to 100 coins, presented in a Vitriini glass case designed by Iittala. The numbering, in the 1/100 format, is stamped on the obverse of the coin and is clearly legible despite the small size of the coin. The numbered gold coins will sell for EUR 600.
For further information on the numbered special edition, please contact the Mint of Finland customer service at tel. (09) 8943 4343. The numbered gold coins will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.  Act fast to ensure this addition to your collection, as the numbered special edition is limited to only 100.

About the Mint of Finland


Mint of Finland Group is the leading mint in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Its business is to design, market and mint money. Mint of Finland Group is owned by the Rebublic of Finland. The company produces metallic currency, blanks, commemorative and special issue coins and coin sets.

The production of euros, which was started in 1998, has provided the foundation for Mint of Finland’s development, technological knowhow and internationalization. Circulation coins are an important export item for The Mint of Finland.

Collector items include collector and commemorative coins, coin sets and collections, and numismatic medals. Numismatic medals of silver and gold are produced as individual items or as setsCollector coins are minted to celebrate persons and events of great significance.

Collector coins are intended as collectibles or memorabilia, yet also constitute legal tender in their face denomination. Decisions on minting collector coins are taken by the Collector Coin Committee.

Collector coin design is an art. Over the years, coin designs have been commissioned from many prominent artists, such as Heikki Häivänoja, Reijo Paavilainen, Terho Sakki, Maija Lavonen and Juhani Pallasmaa.The numismatic excellence and progressiveness of Mint of Finland is renowned the world over: it supplies numismatic products to several international clients.

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