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New Japanese 1000 Yen Silver Coin Honors Legendary Dance and the Tokushima


The Japan Mint has revealed the latest entry in its popular colorized-coin commemoration of the 47 Prefectures of Japan, with a 1000 Yen silver coin honoring the Prefecture of Tokushima.

The Tokushima 1000 Yen coin’s obverse depicts Naruto Strait and a female figure engaged in a traditional Awa Odori Dance. The Naruto Strait, which connects Naruto City to Minami-Awaji in the Hyogo Prefecture, boasts some of the largest whirlpools in the world. At their seasonal peak, fast rushing water, which flows in speeds in excess of 20 km/h, produces visible vortices that measure up to 20 meters in diameter.

Across this volatile waterway spans the Onaruto Bridge, a massive 1,629-meter suspension bridge that was completed on June 8, 1985.

The Awa Odori dance is a historic dance that originates more than 400 years ago and traces its roots to Tokushima. In the city, more than a million people come to experience the annual Awa Odori festival, which is held in August.

The coin’s reverse shows the coin’s value (1000 Yen)* and depicts snow crystals, the moon, and cherry blossoms.

The Japan Mint uses latent image technology to depict two distinct images inside the largest snow crystal. At one angle, the number “47” is visible, representing the number of prefectures in Japan; from another angle, the number “60”, which represents the 60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law.

Mintage is limited to 100,000 pieces, with a maximum of 10% authorized for the market outside of Japan.

Each coin is struck on 31.1 grams of pure silver and comes in one of two packaging options. The first is a Single Coin Set that comes in an attractive full-color plastic flip case with a full-color sleeve. The second packaging option bundles the Tokushima 1000 Yen silver coin with five 82 Yen Commemorative postage stamps.

About the Japan Mint

The Japan Mint is headquartered in Osaka Japan. Since it was established in 1871, the Japan Mint has been responsible for producing coins for Japan. Today it produces circulating coins and state-of-the-art collector coins in a variety of metals, including silver and gold.

For more information, you can visit the Japan Mint’s website.


As of the time of publication, one Japanese Yen (¥1) trades for approximately $0.0084 USD.

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