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NGC Grades Rare Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Error

A unique Canadian Maple Leaf error is certified by NGC

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) has authenticated and graded an extremely rare Canadian Silver Maple Leaf error. This 2005 $5 Silver Maple Leaf was incorrectly struck on a 25.1g .9999 silver planchet intended for commemorative silver dollars instead of a 31.1g .9999 silver planchet used for Canadian Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.

A wrong planchet error such as this is extraordinarily rare for a silver bullion coin due to the extensive scrutiny of these coins, particularly their weight. The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), which issues the Maple Leaf, is also well-regarded for its extensive automation and attention to quality control.

Over 150 million one-ounce silver Maple Leaf bullion coins have been produced since the program’s inception in 1988.

“This coin is unique,” says David Camire, NGC finalizer and error coin specialist. “No other wrong planchet errors are known to exist for the entire Canadian Maple Leaf bullion series.”

Canada 2005 Silver Maple Leaf $5 on .9999 Silver $1 planchet. Images courtesy NGC

2005 Canada Maple Leaf S$5 Mint Error NGC MS 63

Interestingly, besides being much lighter than normal, at 25.1g instead of the correct 31.1g, this piece is also much smaller than normal. Its planchet is nearly 2mm smaller in diameter than those used for silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.

This important error was submitted to NGC by Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. Although the coin’s owner has only 0.8 ounces of silver instead of the one ounce stated on the coin, they probably are not disappointed. The value of this unique mint error undoubtedly exceeds the bullion value of this coin by many, many multiples.

NGC attributes major mint errors under its Mint Error service tier for an additional fee of $15 per coin. For more information, visit NGCcoin.com/Services.

Harlan J. Berk, LTD is an NGC authorized dealer located in Chicago, Illinois. Their website can be found at www.hjbltd.com.

Numismatic Guaranty Company
Numismatic Guaranty Companyhttps://www.ngccoin.com/
NGC was founded in 1987 and has become one of the largest third-party grading services. Their parent company is the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG).

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