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Numismatic Investment Literature

Coin Investment Literature. Image: CoinWeek.
Numismatic investment literature consists of books that focus mostly on coin investment strategies or may offer pricing forecasts and ways to outsmart the market, especially those published by coin promoters. It forms a subset of numismatic literature in general that brings excitement to the marketplace. Image: CoinWeek.

Numismatic investment literature is a genre of often pulpy numismatic books that focus primarily on the coin market and offer various pointers or advice on how to invest in coins and turn a profit. These titles focus less on technical aspects of numismatics or historical research. Often, the assumptions made by the authors of these titles are unscientific or self-serving.

The genre developed starting in the 1960s and exploded in the ’80s. PCGS co-founder David Hall’s A Mercenary’s Guide to the Rare Coin Market and George W. Hayling’s The Profit March of Your Rare Coin Investment: 1935 – 1971 are two landmark titles of the genre.

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CoinWeek Notes
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