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Odyssey News and Updates

We love to share the excitement and knowledge of our deep-ocean exploration activities with you. As Odyssey continues to grow and expand so do our various audiences. Some people are here for the shipwreck and archaeology news. Others are more interested in the corporate and financial filings. And some just want to know what our teams are up to off shore.

 In our ongoing effort to provide all of our different audiences with the information they want, we have set up several communication channels. Feel free to follow all of them or just the ones that interest you.


We have set up a new corporate website at www.odysseymarine.com. For the quickest access to corporate news, press releases, financial information, SEC filings and stock alerts, please sign up for the e-mail alerts under the investor tab or by clicking here:  http://ir.odysseymarine.com/alerts.cfm.  We’ve tested the e-mail system on this site and it gets the news to your inbox at lightning speed!

Within the next few weeks we will no longer be sending corporate press releases out through the old platform in order to avoid duplication, so if you are interested in this information, please register at the new site as soon as possible.



If you haven’t “liked” us yet on Facebook (www.facebook.com/OdysseyMarine) or followed us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/OdysseyMarine), what are you waiting for? You’ll find fun photos, videos and posts about our work prepared for anyone who is interested in shipwrecks. New pictures from the Gairsoppa project were just posted on our Facebook page so visit us and check them out.


Our shipwreck.net website will be getting a facelift within the next six months or so. The site will continue to focus on Odyssey’s shipwreck projects including archaeological papers, interesting artifacts and exhibit news. We’ll continue to send out shipwreck related updates about new content and products through this e-mail newsletter. To reiterate, you are already signed up to receive this newsletter, however, if you want to receive financial or company news information, you’ll need to sign up at www.odysseymarine.com. Since the corporate news and information is being moved to the new odysseymarine.com site, the shipwreck.net site can be focused solely on shipwreck and artifacts. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see on the newshipwreck.net!


Our online store continues to stock gear worn by our team offshore and other Odyssey products as well as artifact replicas, shipwreck books, and jewelry.


Our traveling exhibit SHIPWRECK! is currently WOWing guests at Discovery Times Square in New York. We hope that you have a chance to visit, if you are in the New York City area between now and January 5, 2014.

If not, you can still view many of the unique artifacts we’ve recovered right in the comfort of your own home with our virtual museum at www.odysseysvirtualmuseum.com. We recently added many artifacts from the “Tortugas” shipwreck in addition to SS Republic, “Blue China” shipwreck and Site 35-F artifacts.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Odyssey Marine Exploration. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting reports on shipwrecks and the company.

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