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One-of-a-Kind Error Coins of Don Bonser Collection, Small Size Notes in Heritage Auctions

One-of-a-Kind Error Coins of Don Bonser Collection, Small Size Notes in Heritage Auctions

When coins are manufactured, things don’t necessarily go as planned, and the results can be both very intriguing and highly collectible.

The Don Bonser Collection of United States Error Coins, Part 3 is evidence of this, containing 248 examples of Murphy’s Law in action. This month-long auction from Heritage is open now for bidding at Coins.HA.com and will end with a live session beginning at 6 PM CT on May 22.

Error coins struck from clashed proof dies have become increasingly popular with collectors. Lot 91191 is a 1977-S proof nickel, Proof 67 Ultra Cameo NGC, which shows prominent clashing in the central fields, but more importantly, the coin is also struck on a dime planchet, rendering it a dual error piece with significant visual interest, particularly fascinating due to its status as a Proof. The coin is brilliant and deeply mirrored, with the strong cameo contrast suggested by the assigned Ultra Cameo designation. The border legends are indistinct and run off the flan.

Some additional notable coins from this auction include:

We encourage you to take a look at all of the fascinating error coins in this auction at Coins.HA.com. Bidding is open now, continuing through May 22.

Small-Sized Notes in Backas PMG Registry Collection Currency Auction

The Backas Collection, currently offered in a month-long auction at Currency.HA.com, is an outstanding collection consisting entirely of Small Size notes. Although focused on Silver Certificates, most other types of Small Size notes are represented among the 290 notes offered in this auction, with only Gold Certificates not represented. This auction will conclude in a Live Session scheduled for 7 PM CT on May 16.

The Backas Collection is notable for both its quality and its rarity. One of the outstanding notes offered here is a glorious Fr. 1618 $1 Silver Certificate, Series 1935H, graded an incredible Superb Gem Unc 69 EPQ by PMG, a mere one point shy of perfection. It’s one of just two notes of this Friedberg number graded at this high level by PMG with none finer. It is also the only E-J block note that has been awarded this high grade by PMG.

Among the additional outstanding notes in this auction are:

This auction is open for bidding now at Currency.HA.com.

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  1. I have a 1934 a series $20 bill Federal reserve Note that is a light green on the back in regular dollar bill green on the front how much would this be worth in an auction it’s in very good shape


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