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Outstanding Ancient and World Coins at Heritage New York International Auction

Outstanding Ancient and World Coins at Heritage New York International Auction

As we usher in the beginning of a new decade, it is apparent that the international numismatic market is more vibrant than ever, including an ever-growing diversity of both material and collector participation. Heritage’s first New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) auction of the 2020s, scheduled for January 12-13, mirrors this expansion and interest, displaying a fascinating assortment of material spanning the full history of coinage and encompassing every inhabited corner of the globe.

Ancient Coins

The New York International show always draws stellar ancient coins and this year exceeds our already high standards. We are delighted to offer not just one or two, but six total decadrachms, including two Fine Style Syracuse examples signed by Euainetos.

Croesus and the Lydian Kingdom come through for us again this auction, with more than 10 specimens, led by a heavy standard stater graded Choice Mint State by NGC.

A magnificent collection of very rare Cyzicene electrum is a veritable panoply of Greek storytelling, from Gaia and Erichthonius to Chiron of Jason and the Argonauts to Eros taming the bull. There are hundreds of excellent ancient coins across three sessions, and we are certain you will find something tempting no matter what your area of interest.

World Coins

Among the most important world coins in the auction is a sublime gold Dinar of Abd al-Malik, widely recognized as the first “Islamic” coin of the Umayyad Caliphate. This early and historically significant type discarded the earlier imitative styles of Islamic coinage, which had relied on the long-established design principles of depicting the image of the current ruler on the obverse, instead employing solely the use of citations from the Qur’an on both faces. We are excited to present this item of momentous historical interest to our bidders as part of the January 13 Platinum Night session.

From France, hailing from the same collector who assembled world-class collections of multiple talers, British crowns, and German 3 marks comes the next installment of the Cape Coral Collection. This group of coins is perhaps the finest quality selection of French ecus and 5 Francs to be brought to market in recent memory. Ranging from common to rare types, every piece is in an exceptional state of preservation, each one fit for the collector who wants the very best. The selection of European gold coinage is similarly magnificent and deserving of separate mention, including an assortment of sublime multiple ducats from Munster, Bavaria, Austria, Salzburg, and Transylvania. Collectively these issues represent some of the most inspiring selections in the sale, and are bound to impress as a result of their combined visual allure, rarity, and condition, which varies between the upper echelons of lightly circulated quality and full Mint State preservation.

From Britain, we see such highlights as an extremely rare XF45 Elizabeth I “Ship” Ryal, as well as a number of other alluring milled rarities including a gem Mint State example of the “Three Graces” Crown of 1817.

A gorgeous 1703 Anne “Vigo” Crown, ranking not only as the single finest certified example of its type but also as a veritable jewel of the British series, represents an item of both great historical importance and of high collector interest. It is joined by a rare gold Half Guinea of the same coveted Vigo issue.

We would be remiss if we did not give a brief, if insufficient, mention to the rest of the world, from which we find such dazzling offerings as a gem-certified Meiji 20 Yen of the Year 3 (1870), a Mexican Oaxaca Revolutionary gold 60 Pesos dated 1916 and certified MS64+ by PCGS, or a magnificent and prooflike Alexander I ½ Rouble of 1825, awarded a star for its superior eye appeal.

We are confident that even a cursory review of this auction will yield something of interest for all, whether that interest lies in the coinage of the ancient Greek city-states, the issues of medieval Europe, or the rarities of the modern world. This event promises to be one which will not be forgotten, and it is you, our bidders, who fuel the fires of interest that keep our auctions varied, exciting, and worth coming back to.

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