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PAMP Suisse Creates Its 1st Ever UFO Shaped Coin!

Revolutionizing the Modern Coin Market: PAMP Suisse Creates Its 1st Ever UFO Shaped Coin!

Colorized UFO Shaped Coin is Out of this World!

By Bullion Shark LLC ……
PAMP Suisse, the renowned Swiss refiner, has just released its first-ever UFO-shaped coin. PAMP has been effectively capturing collector’s imaginations and past by releasing similar items such as the 1 oz Silver Shark coins and its super popular Silver PEZ dispenser. They are doing great things for the rare coin and precious metals industry. We are seeing individuals who have never been involved in the market buy these items and become collectors!

The 1 oz Pure Silver UFO Shaped Coin is also legal tender and holds a $2 denomination from the Solomon Islands. PAMP spared no expense on this coin. Each piece is struck in .9999 pure silver and has an iridescent hologram on the coin to give it a “rainbow effect”. Each coin has its own unique serial number and contains 1 oz of Pure Silver. If this item wasn’t unique enough, it is important to note that only 3,000 were ever produced.

The obverse of the con displays Queen Elizabeth II along with the denomination, year and country of origin. The weight and purity of the coin are also inscribed. The reverse of this magnificent piece has a stunning iridescent/holographic design of a UFO.

One may wonder why PAMP Suisse would produce these items? The answer is simple: to create interest in the numismatic and precious metal industry among a crowd that may have not participated before. These silver coins are effectively sparking the interests of non-collectors who, however, may be interested in sharks, UFO’s, etc. Another reason that PAMP is producing these coins is to provide the existing collecting community with a more limited type of product rather than a simple 1 oz silver round. The new items it has been releasing feature super-low mintages and are unique. In essence, they are hitting the two soft spots of collectors: rarity and eye appeal. We are excited to see what other new items PAMP will be releasing in the future!

You can find this coin and more information about it here.

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