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PCGS Everyman Set Registry Proves Popular With Budget Collectors

PCGS Everyman Set Registry Proves Popular With Budget Collectors

By Sanjay Gandhi for PCGS ……
PCGS launched the “Everyman Mint State” category a few months ago, and it continues to grow at a steady pace. Many collectors have thanked us for creating a more “budget-friendly” category. To date, we have over 225 members participating within the Everyman Mint State Set Registry. These sets don’t require the lowest grade or the highest grade and fulfill a popular grading area ranging from AU58 to MS64. No matter what their budget size, there is a set for almost anybody to build within the Set Registry.

The following paragraphs describe three of the most popular sets our members have been building within the Everyman Mint State category so far.

The most coveted set within this category is the Everyman Mint State Morgan Dollars Date Set. To many of us, it doesn’t come as a surprise that George T. Morgan’s iconic design is among the most popular sets among collectors.

Anna Willess Williams of Philadelphia was the model and inspiration for Morgan’s design. Her portrait graces the obverse of the coin, and her identity was kept a secret by the United States Mint for a short time. Once Morgan Dollars were being distributed, the mint released Anna’s identity to the public shortly thereafter. Eventually, fame found its way to her, though Williams never forgot her humble beginnings and remained a schoolteacher in admirable fashion until her retirement in 1924.

Collectors building this set will find many of the dates readily available within their budgets and some dates will be a challenge, like the 1895-S or the 1895-O. These pieces may cost a collector about $2,500 at the AU58 level and incrementally more in Mint State grades. To date, we have more than 75 members who have started building their sets from our initial launch a few months ago.

Our second most sought-after set is the 20th Century Major Types No Gold (1900-1999). This set may be somewhat more easily completed than other sets, as coins from the latter half of the century are relatively more affordable. Lincoln Cents, Eisenhower Dollars, and Susan B. Anthony Dollars can be easily purchased for relatively inexpensive prices.

Some of the coins within the set may pose a challenge, such as the 1921 Peace Dollar in MS65, which can cost a collector northward of $5,000. However, in terms of completing this set, the 1921 is somewhat affordable between the grades of AU58 and MS64.

A third set that is widely embraced is the Everyman Mint State Gold Type Set 12 Piece (1839-1933). As noted in the description of the set, “This is one of the most popular ways to collect U.S. gold coins, as it includes the 12 major type coins struck after the Classic Head era.”

Gold coinage in the MS65 grades may be constraining in terms of a budget for any collector. However, assembling a type set within the Everyman Mint State category may be more budget-friendly. Some of these coins within the set that are certified by PCGS may be purchased at small percentages over the current price of gold. Other coins will be a bit of a challenge to acquire in Mint State and this may be a set that members may want to consider building over time to enjoy and complete.

So far, the PCGS Everyman Mint State category offers a total 20+ different sets, and we will be adding more sets throughout the year for members to build. Feedback from members like you has allowed PCGS to offer another category for many within the Set Registry to pursue. The PCGS Set Registry owes its success to our members, we’ve grown with you, and we continue to improve the experience for those who use it. If there is a set that we don’t offer, feel free to contact us with any requests. Thank you kindly for your continued support, best of luck building your sets and Happy Collecting!

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