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PCGS New World Coin Variety Report August 2021

By Jay Turner for PCGS ……
With the volume of coins submitted at PCGS, it is not uncommon for new significant world varieties to be found and attributed.

While in the past PCGS has simply made a new coin spec number for these discoveries, certified them, and added them to the census, there has been little to no fanfare for publishing them. However, we endeavor to share our appreciation for these varieties with those who cherish them as well. It is with this that we hope this new variety report will be a popular recurring segment.

China Hupeh (1906) 10 Cash Y-10j.3 DDO, PCGS AU Details Environmental Damage.
Close up images of the doubling.

The first new variety we will focus on here is this extremely strong doubled die on a China Hupeh 1906 10 Cash. The coin, with the generic Krause variety of Y-10j.3, features the providential dragon type with just one peak above the dragon head. However, what makes this coin special is the prevalent doubled die that is unlisted in both Krause and Chinese copper coin references. The strong doubling can be found on the dragon, especially the face, where two full sets of horns and four circles for the eyes are found. The Chinese characters 造年緒光 show significant doubling as well as the English letters “TAI – CH” and “COIN.” This new doubled die variety has been given its own PCGS spec number 886309.

China Tibet (1902-1911) Rupee Y-3 L&M-360 DDO PCGS AU Details Cleaned.
China Kiangsi (1902) 10 Cash Y-150.2 DDO, PCGS XF40.

This next variety was found in a submission of generic China, Tibet Rupee coins submitted to PCGS from the Hong Kong office. This piece was not noted or flagged for any variety service. However, the dramatic doubling was noticed, and a new doubled die obverse spec number was created and assigned to this variety. The generic coin is a Tibet Rupee from 1902-11 listed as L&M-360. The doubling on this variety is most notable on the face, showing doubling on the nose, lips, eye, and ear. With the increased collector base and a recent study of coinage from Tibet, this will surely be a popular variety for collectors.

Belgium 1962 Franc French Legend DDO, PCGS VF35.

This coin was submitted to PCGS requesting variety attribution, and we were happy to oblige. The coin is a Belgium 1962 Franc which has the French spelling of “BELGIQUE” for the text. The coin exhibits a significantly doubled die obverse that features a strong spread on the date 1962, both stars flanking the date, the designer initials RAU, as well as doubling on the bust. This variety has been listed in other references but was new for PCGS.

Close up images of doubling.

Lastly, a second example of this China Kiangsi (1902) 10 Cash Y-150.2 doubled die was recently certified by PCGS. The first example was only seen just a few years ago. The coin features strong doubling on all lettering, the stars, and on the dragon, especially the eyes. This coin now has its own spec number by PCGS and will be attributed as such for future examples.

When it comes to variety certification, PCGS is the industry leader offering one of the widest ranges of attribution for United States and World coins along with the only industry guarantee for variety attribution.

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