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Penultimate Coin of the New Falkland Islands Penguin Series

  Falkland Islands Penguin Series

Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announce the release of the penultimate coin of the new set of five coins featuring the five breeds of penguin that are resident on the Falkland Islands at some point during the course of the year. Known as the penguin capital of the world, the Falkland Islands are home to more penguins than people making the Islands the best place to see these delightful birds in the wild.

This new series of coins features close-up head shots of the five penguins that inhabit the Falkland Islands, each shown in glorious colour to enhance the detail.  Falkland Islands Penguin SeriesWe are also producing a new collector’s album to hold the set which sets the coins against a beautiful image of a group of King penguins and includes information on each breed.

The Magellanic penguin is a summer resident of the Falkland Islands returning to breed. They start arriving in early September and return to the same burrow they left the year before. The adults have conspicuous black and white bands on their heads, neck and breast. The breed is medium sized and are differentiated by their black backs and white abdomens. They also feature two black bands across their chests with the lower band shaped like an upside down horseshoe.

The Falkland Islands coin features a head shot of a Magellanic penguin shown in glorious colour which really highlights the distinctive circular markings on their heads. The obverse of the coin features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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