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Perth Mint Coin Profiles – Australia 2020 Great Southern Land 1oz Silver Proof Opal Coin

Perth Mint Coin Profiles - Australia 2020 Great Southern Land 1oz Silver Proof Opal Coin

This coin features the great southern Australian continent in stunning Australian opal. Australia is the planet’s sixth-largest country yet the smallest of the world’s continents. Evolving across more than 3,000 million years, it is also unique as the lowest, flattest and driest continent (after Antarctica) and home to a diverse range of climates, landscapes, and animals.

Once recognized as the ‘unknown land of the south’, legends of Terra Australis Incognita date back to Roman times. The existence of this hypothetical landmass was based on the theory that continental land in the Northern Hemisphere was balanced by land in the Southern Hemisphere.

While depictions of Terra Australis on world maps varied greatly between the 15th and 18th centuries as explorers traversed the Pacific Ocean, British navigator James Cook is credited with producing the first charted maps of the east coast in 1770. The voyage of the British Royal Navy’s HM Bark Endeavour led to the documentation of several previously unknown species of flora and fauna that have come to define Australia.

Struck by The Perth Mint from 1oz of 99.99% pure silver in proof quality, the coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965.

The Perth Mint will release no more than 5,000 of the Great Southern Land 2020 1oz Silver Proof Opal Coin.

Perth Mint Australian Opal Series Design

The coin’s reverse features a central opal insert in the shape of the Australian continent. The outer rim of the coin depicts representations of iconic land animals including the kangaroo, emu, koala, echidna, wombat, bilby, Tasmanian devil, frilled-neck lizard, goanna and the eastern brown snake. The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark is included in the design together with the 2020 year-date, and the coin’s weight and fineness.

The coin’s obverse bears the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II within a stylized pattern and the monetary denomination.

Australian Opal Series Presentation

The coin is housed in a classic display case with a clear lid. Packaged with an illustrated shipper, each coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Designer and engraver Jody Clark joined the Royal Mint UK in 2012. His portrait of Queen Elizabeth II became the fifth official portrait in 2015 (View Designer’s Profile).

A specialist in animals, Aleysha Howarth is an artist at the Perth Mint (View Designer’s Profile).

Australian Opal Lunar Series Coin Specifications

Country:  Australia
Year Of Issue:  2020
Denomination:  1 Dollar (AUD)
Mint Mark:  P
Mintage:  5,000
Alloy:  .9999 Silver
Weight:  31.107 g
Diameter:  36.60 mm
Thickness:  3.95 mm
OBV Designer Jody Clark
REV Designer Aleysha Howarth


Perth Mint
Perth Minthttps://www.perthmint.com/
The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest and most highly accredited precious metals enterprise. Through its integrated operations and trusted products and services, it develops markets and creates demand for Australian precious metals the world over. Operating the largest refinery and the only facility in Australia accredited for gold and silver by the London Bullion Market Association, the Mint holds endorsements by commodity trading centres in London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Dubai. The Perth Mint exports in excess of USD14 billion worth of bullion bars and coins to institutional and private investors in more than 130 countries each year and issues an array of legal tender commemoratives for collectors. Offering the world’s only government guaranteed precious metals investment and storage program, the Mint also manages approximately USD3 billion worth of metal held on behalf of some 40,000 clients. Still operating in its original premises, founded in 1899, The Perth Mint is also a premier tourist destination and home to the Guinness Book of Records certified largest coin in the world – the Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin, worth more than USD 40 million.

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  1. This is a beautiful coin but the description is incredibly racist. Why talk about Roman history when Australia has over 60,000 years of indigenous history? During which the flora and fauna was known and considered sacred, as it continues to be today. Why wouldn’t you put Australia’s First People map in the middle working with an indigenous designer? Instead of depicting a historical event the coin would be an historical event, bound to increase in value. I know I would buy it

  2. Andrew, are you ok? There is always room for another coin to be made highlighting other historical topics.

    As it is, this may be the most beautiful coin PM has ever created.


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