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Rare Gold World Coins in High Grades at Nomisma Auction 57. Sale Starts Tomorrow.

Dear Collector,

Nomisma Spa Numismatic Auction 57 will be held in Borgo Maggiore (RSM) at the Grand Hotel Primavera. The auction will be held both floor and live in internet on May 18 and 19.

Auction 57 offers 2195 lots of Ancient and Modern coins and medals. The complete timetable is available in this page.

The catalogue is available online and a printed copy can be purchased in Nomisma online shop.

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Nomisma 57 Numismatic Auction

Lot 204: Probus (117-136) Golden – Bust graduate with s-shaped lance – R / VBIQVE PAX, Victory on chariot. with an olive branch – RIC 139 AU (g 6.30). RRRR.  Extremely fascinating coin that recalls the attempts at pacification by the Emperor Probus, who had brought peace everywhere in the Empire.

Lot 1278: VENICE Francesco Loredan (1752-1762) Osella 1756 A. V in gold of 4 zecchini – Pa. 438 AU (g 13.94) RRRR. Exceptional state of preservation with bright backgrounds. A true numismatic jewel.

Lot 1324: Innocenzo VIII (1484-1492) Macerata – gold florin – Munt. 33; MIR 507 AU (g 3.37) RRRR. Very rare coin in a very high state of preservation, virtually perfect.

Lot 1344: Clemente VII (1523-1534) Ancona – Papal Ducat – Munt. 78 variant (per number VII on reverse) AU (g 3,38) RRRRR. Coin in itself extremely rare, but this specimen has even a new variety.

Lot 1399: Innocenzo XII (1691-1700) Quadrupla 1694 A. IIII – Munt. 1 AU (g 13,36) RRRR Mark on the edge, but still a very hiqu quality specimen of this fascinating coin.

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