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Record $86,654 for Silver Eagle at GreatCollections

1995-W $1 Graded by PCGS Realizes $86,654.70; Over 100 Bids Received

A perfect Silver Eagle graded Proof-70 DCAM by PCGS was sold at auction today by GreatCollections, setting a new world record price for the popular modern coin series.

Over 100 bids were received for the unreserved auction, before it finally sold for $86,654.70 (inclusive of the GC 10% buyer’s fee).  The buyer was an advanced East Coast collector who had been searching for this perfect coin for several years.

“The 1995-W is the ultimate key to the series with the lowest mintage and is notorious for imperfections, explaining the low percentage graded at the perfect Proof-70 DCAM grade,” said Ian Russell, President/founder of GreatCollections.

“In addition to the technical points about the coin itself, the general market for Silver Eagles continues to grow at a fast pace…probably faster than any other coin series at the moment.”

ase_86kOnly eight coins have been assigned the perfect grade by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), the leading coin grading service based in Orange County, California.  Almost 1,600 coins have been graded Proof-69 DCAM by PCGS and these regularly sell for between $3,500 and $4,000 each.

The 1995-W $1 Proof Silver Eagle was released by the U.S. Mint together with a set of four gold coins to commemorative the 10th Anniversary of the American Eagle coin program.  The U.S. Mint originally charged $999 for the set of gold coins, and included the Silver Eagle at no cost.  Only 30,125 were minted, earning it the number 13 spot on PCGS’s Top 100 Modern Coin list published earlier this year.

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About GreatCollections

GreatCollections is an auction and direct sale venue for PCGS, NGC and ANACS certified coins, as well as coins approved by CAC.  GreatCollections handles each coin transaction from start to finish. For sellers, GreatCollections offers professional imaging for each coin, cash advances as appropriate, and other individualized services generally not available with the large auction houses and other websites, freeing the seller to do nothing except collect the proceeds of the sale directly from GreatCollections. Buyers benefit by entrusting a venue whose principals have years of coin experience and whose reputations in the industry are impeccable.

GreatCollections, the official auction house of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), specializes in auctioning certified coins and banknotes, handling transactions from start to finish. Since its founding in 2010, GreatCollections has successfully auctioned over one million certified coins, making it one of the leading certified coin companies in the United States, with annual sales in 2021 exceeding $235 million. Ian Russell, owner/president of GreatCollections, is a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and a member of the National Auctioneers Association.

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  1. car where3,000.00 now 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 for a car its time for coin price to change, where are the other 1995-w pcgs proof 70 something tells me they will up for sale,an the next one will be 125,000.00,people alwayes need more money,an poeple alwayes want the best.


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