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Results From Künker World Coin Auction 346

Künker Auction 346 Offers Gold Ducats, River Gold Issues, Military Orders

Künker Auction 346 by Künker GmbH ……
Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

Our rarity auction ended with some delay, but also with an impressive total hammer price of combined 9.3 million euros, not including buyer’s premium.

This time, due to the global pandemic, today’s event could not take place as usual at the World Money Fair in Berlin. Since the fair in Berlin was canceled, we decided to hold the auction in Osnabrück as an exception. Complying with the new regulations passed by the German government, the auction could only take place without any bidders in the room. For this reason, we spend the day in a much less crowded auction room as we are used to today in the Vienna House Remarque Hotel and took your written bids, telephone, and online bids from there.

Since you, dear customers, were also just as flexible in adapting to the new situation, the auction could be concluded with great success despite the not always easy surrounding conditions. You can see the details in the highlights below, which speak for themselves.

It is true that we proved today that we can conduct such a successful auction even under these conditions. Nevertheless, we would like nothing more than to welcome you, dear customers, back in our auction room as soon as possible!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your great interest, your active participation, and your trust in us. Also for you, a lot has changed in the last year. We are very pleased that you remain loyal to us – and to numismatics and phaleristics in general.

Best regards,

Your Künker Team

Selected Highlights from Auction 346

Lot number 9
Karl Wilhelm, 1709-1738.
Ducat n. d., Durlach.
Estimate: 3,000 euros, Hammer price: 11,000 euros.

Lot number 36
Bishopric of Bamberg
Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim, 1623-1633.
Reichstaler n. d. (around 1629), Fuerth.
Estimate: 5,000 euros, Hammer price: 15,000 euros.

Lot number 68
Johann Sigismund, 1608-1619.
Gold gulden 1617, Coeln.
Estimate: 5,000 euros, Hammer price: 24,000 euros.

Lot number 90
Kingdom of Prussia
Friedrich II, the Great, 1740-1786.
Reichstaler 1771 A, Berlin. Berlin Type.
Estimate: 1,500 euros, Hammer price: 8,500 euros.

Lot number 109
August the Younger, 1635-1666.
Löser/multiple taler in the weight of 5 Reichstaler 1638, Zellerfeld.
Estimate: 35,000 euros, Hammer price: 95,000 euros.

Lot number 139
Johann Friedrich, 1665-1679.
Löser/multiple taler in the weight of 10 Reichstaler 1679, Zellerfeld.
Estimate: 75,000 euros, Hammer price: 100,000 euros.

Lot number 195
City of Hamburg
6 Gold gulden 1505.
Estimate: 400,000 euros, Hammer price: 450,000 euros.

Lot number 234
Gustav Adolf, 1636-1695.
Reichstaler 1693, Schwaan.
Estimate: 10,000 euros, Hammer price: 40,000 euros.

Lot number 242
Bishopric of Münster
Ferdinand von Bayern, 1612-1650.
Triple folded Reichstaler 1638, Münster.
Estimate: 100,000 euros, Hammer price: 140,000 euros.

Lot number 254
City of Nuremberg
5 Ducats 1698.
Estimate: 40,000 euros, Hammer price: 120,000 euros.

Lot number 313
Friedrich August I, 1694-1733 (August the Strong).
6 Ducats 1709, Dresden.
Estimate: 100,000 euros, Hammer price: 220,000 euros.

Lot number 335
Friedrich August II, 1836-1854.
Taler 1838 G.
Estimate: 1,250 euros, Hammer price: 7,500 euros.

Lot number 372
Johann Ernst VIII, 1680-1729.
2/3 Taler 1688, Saalfeld.
Estimate: 5,000 euros, Hammer price: 32,000 euros.

Lot number 391
Philipp Ernst, 1777-1787.
Ducat 1783.
Estimate: 7,500 euros, Hammer price: 28,000 euros.

Lot number 475
Archbishopric of Salzburg
Max Gandolph von Küenburg, 1668-1687.
5 Ducats 1668.
Estimate: 15,000 euros, Hammer price: 50,000 euros.

Lot number 577
Kingdom of Poland
Sigismund III, 1587-1632.
10 Ducats 1629, Bromberg (?).
Estimate: 75,000 euros, Hammer price: 280,000 euros.

Lot number 669
United States of America / USA
5 Dollars 1800, Philadelphia.
Estimate: 15,000 euros, Hammer price: 80,000 euros.

Lot number 908
Order pour le mérite of Major Rudolf Müller (1872-1956).
Estimate: 7,500 euros, Hammer price: 19,000 euros.

Result List and Unsold Lots

Were your bids successful? Are you the winner of one or more lot numbers? You can acquire all lots which were not sold during the auction at the estimate from our auction.

You can buy the unsold lots in the Künker Onlineshop.

Here you can find the auction catalogs as well as the result list from the past Künker auctions.

As a bidder, in the next few days, you will automatically receive the results list and, of course, your newly-acquired collector items by mail. If you have not taken part in our auctions but are interested in our results list, we will gladly send it to you upon request.

Our Customer Service team looks forward to taking your call.

Phone: +49 541 96202 0
Fax: +49 541 96202 22
Email: [email protected]

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