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Ron Guth – By the Numbers: The Harvey Jacobson, Jr. Collection of $10 Liberty Eagles

Ron Guth - By the Numbers: The Harvey Jacobson, Jr. Collection of $10 Liberty Eagles

By Ron Guth …..

The Harvey Jacobson, Jr. Collection

On February 20, 2020, Heritage auctioned off a collection of $10 Liberty eagles built by Harvey Jacobson, Jr. Heritage held their auction in conjunction with the Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Show where, coincidentally, the Tyrant Collection of $10 Eagles was also on display. Both collections were exceptional for their breadth and quality. The Tyrant Collection was easily the better of the two collections, but only the Jacobson Collection was available for purchase.

In general, prices for the Jacobson coins were strong, particularly for those held the longest. However, coins held for a shorter period of time did not fare so well. For example, the highlight of the Jacobson Collection – the 1875 $10 – sold at a $12,000 discount from its prior auction appearance in 2018.

For collectors of the $10 Liberty eagle series, the Jacobson Collection offered a rare opportunity to acquire key dates such as the 1864-S, the 1875, the 1883-O, as well as Condition Census examples of many dates. Such opportunities are few and far between.

By the Numbers:

Number of lots: 184

Total prices realized (unofficial): $3,219,696 USD

Average price per lot: $17,498.35

Price of the least valuable lot (1896 $10 in PCGS MS63 OGH CAC): $930

Price of the most valuable lot (1875 $10 in PCGS AU50): $632,500

* * *

About Ron Guth

Ron Guth is the Chief Investigator at the Numismatic Detective Agency (www.numismaticdetectives.com). He has been active in numismatics for 55 years as a collector, researcher, auctioneer, and professional dealer. He is the author or co-author of several best-selling numismatic books, including Coin Collecting For Dummies, The 100 Greatest U.S. Coins, and The Encyclopedia of United States Gold Coins. In 1999, he created CoinFacts (now PCGS CoinFacts). In 2014, he was named the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Numismatist of the Year.

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