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Royal Australian Mint “Buddies” up at Berlin World Money Fair


By Royal Australian Mint….
The internationally adored Buddy Bear figure has become eternalized as a privy mark on the exclusive 2016 Berlin World Money Fair (WMF) coin by the Royal Australian Mint.

Attendees to the Berlin WMF will be the first in the world to get their hands on the Australian 2016 $1 Buddy Bear Privy Mark Uncirculated Coin and the first 10 people to buy this special coin will receive a certificate confirming their purchase.

Royal Australian Mint CEO Mr. Ross MacDiarmid said this collaborative project with Buddy Bear Berlin GmbH has created this never before seen privy mark to be featured on the legendary Mob of Roos $1 Australian coin design, in recognition of the Mint’s presence at the 2016 WMF in Berlin during the 50th anniversary of Australian decimal currency year.

“The World Money Fair in 2016 is especially significant for the Royal Australian Mint, as it is the perfect opportunity to share the story of Australia’s change to decimal currency while celebrating Buddy Bear as an iconic international figure.” said Mr MacDiarmid.

Buddy Bear Berlin GmbH Managing Director and Owner Dr. Klaus Herlitz said that it is an honor to have Buddy Bear featured on a coin, especially following its recent international popularity.

“The colourful Buddy Bears are ambassadors from Berlin to the world representing tolerance, peace and freedom, so to have them featured on an iconic Australian design at this international event is very fitting.” said Dr Klaus Herlitz

In a series of WMF products, this Buddy Bear privy mark is one of many exciting new products released in time for the Berlin WMF.

The golden anniversary of Australian decimal currency is also marked with a golden souvenir, seeing the stunning 1966 round 50-cent coin design coated in gold made available to purchase at WMF Berlin providing a unique memento of Australia’s changeover.

Released alongside these products is also the delightful WMF Alphabet Collection, introducing typically Australian animals while spelling out the World Money Fair initials.

With a low mintage of only 7,500 the 2016 $1 Buddy Bear Privy Mark Uncirculated Coin can be purchased for 5.00 EUR at the Royal Australian Mint Booth at the WMF. Those that cannot make it to WMF may be able to order by calling the Contact Centre on 1300 652 020 or +61 2 6202 6800.

Royal Australian Mint
Royal Australian Minthttps://www.ramint.gov.au/
The Royal Australian Mint is an award-winning, world-class Mint and a global leader in the mint industry. The Mint produces circulating coins for Australia and other countries; collectible and investment coins for domestic and international customers; and custom-made medals, medallions, and tokens for individual or corporate clients. The Mint is also a national cultural attraction that educates millions of Australians and international visitors on the history of Australia’s decimal currency, and the significance and value of coins.

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