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South Africa Marks Bullion Coin’s 50th Anniversary with First Ever Silver Krugerrand

2017 marks the milestone 50th anniversary of the world’s first modern gold bullion coin: the South African Gold Krugerrand. The Krugerrand remains the most widely held bullion coin in the world, and the most traded coin in history. The Krugerrand has been the model for all other bullion coins issued since its 1967 debut. But no South African Silver Krugerrand coin has ever been issued — until now. Its release is expected to be cheered by collectors worldwide as a memorable and affordable way to mark the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand legacy.

The dies for the 2017 Silver Krugerrand have been digitally enhanced through innovative laser-etching technology not available in 1967. The results are razor-sharp detail, highlights, and shading not seen on a Krugerrand coin before. The first 2017 Krugerrands to showcase this technology will be Premium Uncirculated Silver Krugerrands, being officially distributed to American collectors exclusively by both GovMint.com and ModernCoinMart.com.

“The Krugerrand is one of the most respected and collected coins of the last century” said Bill Gale, President of GovMint.com and ModernCoinMart. “We are honored to be named by the South African Mint as the exclusive U.S. distributor for the 2017 Premium Uncirculated Silver Krugerrand. It is a fitting tribute to the 50th anniversary of this landmark coin. The Krugerrand legacy truly endures.”


Struck in one full oz. of .999 fine silver, this legal-tender Silver Krugerrand features the tried-and-true design of the original. On the reverse, the symbolic South African Springbok antelope and on the obverse, the former South African President Paul Kruger.

History of the Gold Krugerrand

Named the Krugerrand after former President Paul Kruger, the South African Mint made history 50 years ago when they released the first modern gold bullion coin. This 1 Troy oz., .917 fine gold coin became an instant hit world-wide, and years later caused other world Mints to strike their own gold bullion coins. It was only after the introduction of the gold Krugerrand that everyday people could confidently purchase 1 oz. of pure gold in a durable fashion. The gold Krugerrand paved the way for various gold coins to be struck–such as the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Half a century later, the South African Mint is making history again with the 1 oz. Premium Uncirculated Silver Krugerrand!

Secure Precious South African History in Your Collection

While their official release date is still under wraps, 2017 1 oz. Silver Krugerrands will be available at MCM soon. Sign-up to receive several notification emails containing important new information–like mintage, design, and more–about 2017 Silver Krugerrand coins. You will also be notified the moment you can pre-order coins from this first-ever release.

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