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Spectacular British and Islamic Coin Collections headline NYINC Auctions

An unprecedented selection of high-grade ancient and world coins — ranging from the dawn of numismatics to most modern corners of the globe and featuring several important collections — highlights the 2,800+ lots in Heritage’s Auctions’ Jan. 6-7 World & Ancient Coins Signature® Auction and an additional 3,400 lots offered Jan. 15-16 during Internet sessions on Heritage Live.

“Unquestionably, if you are a collector of world and ancients, I am certain that you will find one or many great additions to your collection,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Executive Vice President of Heritage. “These two events represent the most depth and diversity Heritage has ever offered in the long history of world and ancients in our company.”

Several important collections anchor the NYINC auction event and include The Sunrise Collection of Islamic Coinage, one of the most comprehensive collections ever assembled with a special focus on Persia (modern Iran) and Mughal India. Assembled by a California collector over a 40-year period, the collection contains nearly 900 gold, silver and bronze coins dating back to within a few decades of the Hijra, Mohammed’s exodus from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.

Chief among these is a spectacular gold medallion struck by the Safavid Persian Shah Sulayman (1668-1694), another gold medallion struck by the Qajar Dynasty ruler Fath ‘Ali Shah (1797-1834) and a superb portrait gold Mohur of the Indian Mughal Emperor Jahangir (1605-1628), depicting the ruler delicately sipping from a goblet.

“The collector has a terrific eye,” said David Michaels, director of Ancient coins for Heritage. “Featuring graceful Islamic calligraphy and design, virtually every coin is a perfect specimen and many are extremely rare or unique.”

The auction’s selection of modern world coins is highlighted by The Kairos Collection, a group of 19th century British coins holding particularly beautiful examples of an 1847 Victoria Gothic Crown, displaying virtually flawless surfaces, an 1831 William IV Proof Crown, and an 1871 Victoria gold Proof Sovereign, of which no more than 20 of the type are known.

“Many of the coins in the Kairos collection shouldn’t really exist in such superior condition,” said Bierrenbach. “The excitement over the jewels in this collection started early when the images were first loaded to I can’t wait to see these wonderful coins cross the auction block at NYINC.”

Additional notable collections include The Cecil Webster Collection of Costa Rica, which includes many scarce and rare issues of the Central America Republic and Costa Rica; The Ariagno Collection, holding a wide range of European rarities including a rare large 12 Ducat of 1629 from Austria; and The Elizabeth Charters Collection, featuring further gems and super gems from Great Britain, German states and other European issues.

Further highlights include, but are not limited to:

Two Rare Brazilian Ingots rarely offered at auction. The first, a Pedro II gold ingot of Serro Frio 1832 includes a Guia or certificate — one of a handful Ingots are known to exist with their respective Guia. The second, a Joao VI gold ingot of Goias 1821, comes from the mines of the remote state of Goias and is one of the toughest types to find.

A classic large gold Nicholas II gold 25 Roubles of 1896.

Two Proof Double Guineas of Great Britain, the first being Tanner’s exquisite 1768 George II pattern gold double guinea and the second being a 1733 Young Laureate Head George II pattern gold double guinea, both of which are of importance and beauty.

A perfectly struck proof of an 1862 Essai 100 Francs of France, the finest example ever offered by Heritage.

A rare solidus of Avidusfrom the West Roman Empire of 5th Century AD.

One of the rarest gold Sovereigns, the 1926-S Australia in MS64.

A gorgeous large gold 1703 5 Ducat of Hungary in choice uncirculated condition.

A scarce and choice 1916 Gold Dollar of China.

A beautiful Siculo-Punic silver tetradrachm of circa 320-315 BC depicting Queen Dido, the legendary founder of Carthage.

An enormous 67mm bronze medallion of the Roman Emperor Antoninus minted to mark the 900th anniversary of the founding of Rome, and depicting Prometheus and the goddess Minerva fashioning the first man out of clay.

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Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the world's largest collectibles auctioneers. Besides offering rare and valuable U.S. and world coins and currency, Heritage offers ancient coins, exonumia, antiques, comic books, sports memorabilia, and many other collectibles. The firm is based in Dallas, Texas.

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