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Strike it Rich With New Coin Roll Hunting Book

IOLA, Wis. (Sept. 17, 2012) — Experience the thrill of the hunt with Strike it Rich with Silver in Coin Rolls, a practical, hands-on information on how to easily search coin rolls to take advantage of the silver coins still floating in circulation. With information on how to search, where to look, what to look for and how to best profit from the coins, this book is sure to appeal to both the beginner collector or investor, as well as those looking for more specific information on coin rolls.

The book features ractical, savvy information on profiting from hunting coin rolls, and vivid supporting images.

Geared toward the beginner collector looking for a simple and easy way into the precious metals market and rare coin world, this book is also a good resource for more advanced collectors looking for fleshed out information on searching coin rolls.

A coin collector for over 10 years, author David J. Conway is currently a student at George Washington University as well as the founder and owner of Cool Cash Coins, a coin appraisal and sales business, atcoolcashcoins.com. Conway has been coin roll hunting since 2006, and has also developed a silver melt value calculator app for the iPhone. Conway has been featured for his work in Westport magazine, on PBS television show, “Bizkidz,” and received the 2010 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the National Federation for Independent Business.

For more information visit www.sellcoinbooks.com/new-releases/strike-it-rich-with-silver-in-coin-rolls.

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