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1882 Shield Nickel. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins.

Shield Nickel, No Rays (1867-1883) | CoinWeek

By Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker for CoinWeek Notes .....   With the exception of just one year (1871), production of the nickel five-cent piece was...
1867 Shield Nickel (with Rays). Image: Stack's Bowers.

Shield Nickel, With Rays (1866-1867) : A Collector’s Guide

Introduced following the end of the Civil War, the Shield nickel was the nation's first five-cent piece with nickel metal content. The coin was...
United States Proof Coins by John Dannreuther.

United States Proof Coins Volume II: Nickel Book Released

United States Proof Coins Volume II: Nickel, the second in a series of four important reference books on U.S. Proof coins authored by acclaimed...

Rare 1867 Rays Shield Nickel Variety in Stack’s Bowers March Showcase Auction

By James McCartney – Senior Numismatist, Stack’s Bowers ...... Shield nickels are a largely underappreciated series among 19th-century U.S. coinage. They represent America’s inaugural attempt...

CoinWeek IQ – Nickel, Joseph Wharton, and US Coinage

Nickel and US Coinage by Lianna Spurrier for CoinWeek ..... Unlike copper, silver, and gold, nickel is a fairly new addition to coinage around the...

Counterfeit Coin Detection – 1878 Shield Nickel: The Kissing Thief

Counterfeit coin - 1878 Shield Nickel This proof 1878 Shield Nickel looks pretty at first glance, but a more careful evaluation reveals that it’s a...

U.S. Coin Patterns for Less Than $5,000 Each, Part 4: 1866-71 5¢ Nickels

Coin Rarities & Related Topics: News and Analysis regarding scarce coins, markets, and coin collecting #362 A Weekly CoinWeek Column by Greg Reynolds ..... This is the...

Classic U.S. Coins for Less than $500 Each, Pt. 23: Proof Shield Nickels

A Weekly CoinWeek Column by Greg Reynolds ..... Analysis regarding scarce coins, markets, and coin collecting #349 The emphasis here is on PCGS- or NGC-certified, Proof-64 or...

How to Spend $1000 on Coins

by Al Doyle for CoinWeek For many Americans, the idea of having $1000 for totally discretionary spending is a dream that sometimes happens.  Anything from...

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