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HOT TOPICS By Laura SperberLegend Numismatics

At the FUN Show John Albanese and the committee he has formed (to define coin doctoring) will present a definition of coin doctoring to the PNG board. At some point (if accepted), the membership will vote. These are huge obstacles. I am not optimistic about the definition being accepted. They really did not even want to discuss it last year.

At this point, there is NO excuse what so ever for the PNG or ANA not to be seriously attacking this issue with a passion. The PNG is all about their worthless code of ethics. Why does coin doctoring not deserve a line and have harsh penalties then? And the ANA? The group that is all about the collector? They are yet another group that says they can not be proactive.

Come on guys, your membership is getting screwed! Get rid of the lame people who run the ANA! I want a seat on the board to shake that organization up-I’ll gladly take on anyone in that organization who disagrees about the extreme importance of this subject. I figure 30,000+ people will have more strength than a few wise guy greedy dealers.

I was sickened at Baltimore when a major dealer (who really knows how to grade) was looking at auction lots and pulled me over. He showed me a disgusting messed with over graded coin in a holder. His comment has stayed echoed in my head every day since: “this is what we have become”. He is right, we are slaves to dreck most of the time.

This is UNACCEPTABLE that even a single coin was ever messed with. Some poor unknowing collector probably bought that coin out of the auction thinking they got a good coin at a great price. There is so much wrong with that entire situation.

Small steps have been taken about coin doctoring. PCGS stood up and sued a coin doctor. CAC was formed. I brought the debate out to the public. Nothing angers me more than a dealer seeing bad coin and having the attitude: “just pass on it” and then say or do nothing about it. Hopefully the PNG at FUN meeting will yield some results. But then they can always approve the definitions and then simply choose not to enforce them.

I promise you this, if this debate ends badly, and the coin docs get the definition shot down, I will make sure they have hell to pay. I’m not really into spending hundreds of thousands on legal fees to defend myself, but I am going speak out hard and factually as best I can. I don’t want the coin doctors to win or even survive, I can’t imagine any collector would either. If your dealer is a PNG member, talk them about this upcoming issue. Don’t let them add to the problem!

You can always email me at: [email protected]. Note: If I am traveling, it may take a day for a response.

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Laura Sperber
Laura Sperber
Laura Sperber is one of the owners of Legend Numismatics. She is a passionate and outspoken dealer who says what she believes and is a strong proponent of numismatic standards. Since 1987, Legend Numismatics has built an unequaled reputation among casual collectors and avid investors alike by locating and procuring top-quality rare coins.

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