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The Stack’s Bowers May 2018 Collectors Choice Online Auction of Ancients, World Coins and Paper Money

Stack's Bowers May 2018 Collectors Choice Online Auction - World Coins

Our Biannual Collectors Choice Sale Online Auction featuring Ancients, World Coins and Paper Money is now available for viewing and bidding at The auction will take place over three days and features over 1,800 lots comprising nearly $1,000,000 in value. Our Collectors Choice sales close live with an auctioneer on our website and through our mobile apps.

Session One begins on May 14 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time and features Ancients and World coins from countries organized alphabetically from Algeria to Great Britain.

Session Two begins on May 15 at 9:00 AM Pacific time and features World coins of countries from Greece to Venezuela and mixed lots.

Session Three begins on May 16 at 9:00 AM Pacific time and features World paper money.

Lot viewing by appointment can be scheduled in our California office on May 10 and 11, by emailing [email protected] or calling 800-458-4646. We are now accepting consignments for our October 17, 2018, Collectors Choice Online World Auction. Don’t miss your next opportunity to consign ancient, world coins and paper money to our world-renowned auction program.

Highlights of the May Collectors Choice Online Auction include:


  • 70014: SICILY. Akragas. AR Didrachm (8.72 gms), ca. 500-470 BCE
  • 70028: MACEDON. Kingdom of Macedon. Alexander III (the Great), 336-323 BCE AR Tetradrachm (17.14 gms), Side Mint, ca. 325-320 BCE
  • 70051: ATTICA. Athens. AR Tetradrachm (17.19 gms), ca. 440-404 BCE
  • 70075: IONIA. Ephesus. AR Tetradrachm (15.09 gms), ca. 395-387 BCE
  • 70103: NERO, 54-68 CE. AV Aureus (7.61 gms), Rome Mint, ca. 60-61 CE
  • 70105: VESPASIAN, 69-79 CE. AV Aureus (7.20 gms), Rome Mint, ca. 72-73 CE
  • 70107: DOMITIAN, 81-96 CE. AV Aureus (7.69 gms), ca. 82 CE
  • 70113: ALEXANDER, 308-311 CE. BI Reduced Nummus (5.42 gms), Carthage Mint.

World Coins

1810B Germany 10T Westphalia AU58

  • 70221: BRAZIL. 10,000 Reis, 1725-M. Joao V (1706-50). NGC MS-62.
  • 70239: BULGARIA. 100 Leva, 1894-KB. PCGS AU-50 Secure Holder.
  • 70387: CHINA. Dollar, ND (1912). NGC MS-64.
  • 70460: FRANCE. Aire-sur-la-Lys. 10 Sols Siege Klippe, 1641. Louis XIII (1610-43). NGC EF-45.
  • 70601: GERMANY. Westphalia. 10 Taler, 1810-B. Hieronymous Napoleon. NGC AU-58.
  • 71173: MEXICO. 8 Escudos, 1743-MoMF. Philip V (1700-46). NGC MS-62.
  • 71420: POLAND. 20 Zlotych (3 Rubles), 1835-CNB NA. St. Petersburg Mint. NGC MS-62.
  • 71467: RUSSIA. 3 Rubles, 1873-CΠБ HI. NGC MS-64.
  • 71469: RUSSIA. Ruble, 1883. NGC PROOF-63.

Paper Money

Stack's Bowers - Cuba 500 Pesos 1869 Banknote

  • 72036: BELGIUM. Royaume de Belgique Tresorerie. 50 Francs, 1966. P-139. PCGS About New 50 Apparent. Discoloration. Serial Number One.
  • 72122: CUBA. Republica de Cuba. 500 Pesos, 1869. P-59. PMG Choice Very Fine 35.
  • 72197: IRAN. Imperial Bank. 1 Toman, 1924-32. P-11. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58 EPQ.
  • 72355: SOLOMON ISLANDS. Government of the British Solomon Islands. 10 Shillings, 27.7.1921. P-2a. PMG Very Fine 20 Net. Restoration.


Stack's Bowers
Stack's Bowers
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