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Guess the Grade of This Early Copper 1835 Half Cent


In the latest video from CoinWeek, we put you up to the test against a chocolatey early American copper half cent dated 1835 and graded by NGC.

Struck at the Philadelphia Mint, this early American copper coin was legal tender at 1/200th of a dollar and circulated alongside its bigger brother, the large cent. Struck sporadically since the War of 1812, the half cent denomination did not long figure in the American commercial scene, and in 1857, with a major Coinage Act, both the large cent and the half cent were discontinued in favor of the small one-cent coin.

The coin was originally designed by John Reich but was later modified by the second Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, William Kneass. The version of Lady Liberty that Kneass created was not as elegant and refined as Reich’s original, but when it comes to the type, the 1835 half cent is the date that collectors will most frequently encounter, even though the issue does not carry the highest mintage.

In this video, we explain why.

What would you grade this NGC coin and what do you think it’s worth in the current market?

Let us know in the comments. We will reveal the grade next week.

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel, as well.

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