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Two 1792 Cents Enliven Heritage 2016 ANA U.S. Coin Signature Auctions


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A 1792 Silver Center Cent, Judd-1, SP35 PCGS Secure CAC will give collectors a rare opportunity to own one of the most historic coins in early American numismatics on August 10-14 at Heritage Auctions’ ANA U.S. Coins Signature Auction in Anaheim, CA.

United States 1792 Silver Center. Image courtesy Heritage Auctions“The 1792 Silver Center Cent is undoubtedly one of the most significant coins in existence,” said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions. “Few coins have such a fascinating history and as much importance in the foundation of American numismatics as this one.” Accepted by most numismatists as the first coin struck in the first U.S. Mint, this specimen went missing before being discovered in a pub in the 1960s. It was passed through the collections of a number of renown American numismatists before finding a permanent place in the collection of Martin Oghigian. It has been off the market for nearly two decades.

Heritage will also be presenting a 1792 Birch Cent Judd-5 MS61 NGC. Unlike the more common Judd-4 Birch cents, Judd-5 is the correct thickness for a copper cent from 1792, and therefore more desirable as well. This piece is by far the finer of the two known specimens (the other graded FR2, also at NGC), and was long held by noted early American numismatist Donald G. Partrick. It is only the eighth time in history this variety has been offered at public auction.

The ANA auction will be a prime opportunity for gold collectors to bid on a number of coveted pieces. An 1880 Flowing Hair Stella PR65 NGC, one of just 15 struck, is expected to attract considerable bidding activity. This PR65 NGC specimen exhibits deeply mirrored fields and only two examples are graded higher at any service. The four-dollar gold piece, better known as the Stella, was an experimental metric gold coin intended for use in foreign trade. However, it never matched directly with major foreign currencies and was abandoned after just two years. As a result, examples of this anomalous issue are exceedingly rare, with 1880 issues far rarer than the 1879, a date also represented in this auction by an example graded PR67 by PCGS.

An 1869 Type Two Double Eagle, MS64+ PCGS on offer is amongst the finest known. Although the mintage of 175,155 is not exceptionally rare, the issue was heavily circulated, making Mint State survivors scarce. Only one example is graded higher from any major service than the specimen being auctioned.

Other gold highlights include a 1907 Rolled Rim Indian Eagle, MS66+ ★NGC, a specimen of both considerable rarity and visual appeal.

A 1931 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, MS65 PCGS is sure to attract collectors as a remarkably preserved example of a heavily melted issue.

Other highlights include, but are not limited to:


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