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National Bank of Ukraine Presents New Banknote Commemorating Famous Writer

By National Bank of Ukraine …..
On August 26, 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine presented a new commemorative 20-hryvnia (₴20 or UAH 20) banknote dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko.

Participating in the press briefing on the presentation of the banknotes were Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy; Director of Monetary Circulation Victor Zayvenko; Head of the Production and Protection of Money and Securities Department Vladimir Tishchenko; CEO of the Mint Vladimir Baglai; Director of the Banknote Paper Mill Vasyl Ishchenko; and Head of Information and Public Communications Natalia Bondarenko.

As noted at the event, Mr. Smoliy has taken the opportunity to mark the 160th anniversary of the famous Ukrainian writer, scholar and public figure Ivan Franko with the introduction of a special kind of banknote product dedicated to significant events in the history and culture of the country – a commemorative banknote.

“National Bank has its numismatic program, which started in 1995. Our coins reflect the history and traditions of the Ukrainian people, nature, achievements, cities, monuments of architecture and prominent figures in Ukraine. In 2006, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a silver commemorative coin devoted to the 150th anniversary of Ivan Franko’s birth. Today we bring you the result of work that lasted almost a year and demonstrating our innovative technological features,” said Yakov Smoliy.

According to Deputy Chairman of the National Bank, commemorative banknotes are popular around the world. He singled out commemorative banknotes from Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many other countries.

Smoliy recalled that in 2011 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the National Bank of Ukraine issued a 50-hryvnia commemorative banknote in an edition of 1,000 bills.

He said that the commemorative banknotes in honor of the 160th anniversary of Ivan Franko:

  • Enter into circulation on 1 September 2016;
  • Will have a circulation run of one million pieces;
  • Feature several new security features; and
  • The paper money notes were produced with the addition of Ukrainian flax, which helped to reduce the cost of its production bill and add strength.

Director Zayvenko gave some details about the new commemorative banknote design and its advanced security features.

“The National Bank has developed this bill to improve the production technology of Ukrainian currency and their security. By working on its development, we have implemented the latest innovative technology both in design and system protection,” he said.

According to Zayvenko, the bill introduces new optically-variable security features, such as motion effect backgrounds and SPARK color-shifting ink.

In the central part on the front of the commemorative banknote is a portrait of Ivan Franko. The main design element on the back of is the Lviv Opera House, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located in one of the Ukraine’s largest cities.

The new 20-hryvnia commemorative banknote has a dominant green color.

20 000 of these commemorative banknotes are packed in souvenir envelopes and are available from regional representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine at a price of 31 hryvnia. The cost of other commemorative banknotes will be 27 USD.

At the time of publication, one Ukrainian Hryvnia (₴1 or UAH 1) trades for approx. $0.04 USD.

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