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Highlight Results from the Kagin’s 2017 ANA Money Show Auction

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Beyond the usual announcements, exhibits and news coming from the show, the recently concluded 2017 ANA National Money Show in Orlando, Florida will be especially remembered thanks to the return of Kagin’s, Inc. to the auction business.

For the first time in almost 34 years, the Tiburon, California-based company served as the official auctioneer of an American Numismatic Association event. Session 1, which included the Dr. Christopher Allan Collection of Bechtler Gold Coins and the Steve Brewer Flying Eagle Pattern Collection, took place on Thursday, March 9. Session 2 (including the Dr. William Christie Collection of Bust half dollars) and Session 3 (which consisted of rare U.S. paper money and banknotes) took place on Friday, March 10.

And besides the auction catalog–featuring an attractive cover by the winner of Kagin’s cover design contest, U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist Chris Costello–the following coins and currency represent some of the other high points of this successful auction.

Of course, everyone who won each of these items is now eligible to take part in Kagin’s Auctions Loyalty Program. Successful bidders receive a one-percent credit good towards upcoming selections at a Kagin’s auction. The credit is based on the total amount the winner bid plus the buyer’s commission; fees and taxes do not apply. All such loyalty program credit can be applied over the course of a year or the next two auctions, whichever comes last.

Lot 1427: 1860 Liberty Head $10 Gold Eagle, PR-65 PCGS. OGH. No Motto.

A piece with original luster, this Proof 1860 Liberty Head gold eagle is one of approximately 10 to 12 coins surviving out of a maximum production run of 50 Proof specimens for the issue. It is also the finest-known according to PCGS, with a few minor flaws on the obverse only serving to emphasize the coin’s originality. Encased in an original green holder.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $150,000.00 – $225,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $220,000.00 (+$38,500.00 buyer’s premium)

Lot 1151: 1876-CC Seated Liberty 10c, Specimen-66 BM (Branch Mint) PCGS. CAC. Fortin-121b. Type I Reverse.

This toner Liberty Seated dime is from the fabled Carson City Mint and the finest-known of its type. According to recent scholarship, this example was struck in Carson City as a presentation piece, accounting for its incredible strike and overall quality. It also features the Type I reverse.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $100,000.00 – $325,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $135,000.00 (+$23,625.00 buyer’s premium)

Lot 1415: 1865 Liberty Head $5 Gold Half Eagle PR-65 PCGS. OGH. No Motto.

An incredibly small number (25) of 1865 Liberty Head half eagle Proofs were produced, and only around 15 have survived into the present. Lot 1415 happens to be the second-finest known. The fields show original luster and present an almost cameo-ike appearance. The strike is exceptionally sharp.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $80,000.00 – $110,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $120,000.00 (+$21,000.00 buyer’s premium)

Lot 1143: 1792 5c Half Disme. AU50 PCGS.

The 1792 half disme has an interesting story.

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson himself deposited 75 Spanish silver dollars with the nascent Philadelphia Mint in 1792, and out of that silver were produced 1,500 of these half dismes. On his way from Virginia he spent British coinage; on his way back, Jefferson spent these coins, the first coinage produced by the new United States.

There are approximately 400 pieces still extant today. Most would receive a low grade from the third party graders due to extensive circulation, but some were presented to important dignitaries and have been well preserved. The piece in last week’s ANA auction is in relatively excellent condition.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $140,000.00 – $200,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $117,500.00 (+$20,562.50 buyer’s premium)

Lot 1626: Undated (1834). C. Bechtler $5 Gold. Kagin-21. Rarity-7. With 128 G., Star. Plain Edge. Georgia Gold

The Bechtler family of North Carolina are known for the private coinage they produced in the 1830s and ’40s from locally sourced gold. Several varieties exist, of which this coin is labeled a Kagin-21. Not many K-21s have been certified, but this specimen is tied for finest-known.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $125,000.00 – $150,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $82,500.00 (+$14,437.50 buyer’s premium)

Lot 1406: 1875 Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle. PR-65 Cameo PCGS.

Heading back into the realm of Liberty Head gold, this 1875 Proof quarter eagle is a lustrous example of one of the rarer gold issues of that year. Fewer than 20 are likely to still exist; and of that handful, this coin is one of four graded as high as PR-65 by PCGS.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $125,000.00 – $125,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $80,000.00 (+$14,000.00 buyer’s premium)

Lot 3159: Fr. 107. 1880 $10 Legal Tender Note. PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 69 EPQ.

This bill, a $10 Legal Tender Note from 1880, is known colloquially as the “Jackass” note due to the amusing appearance of the eagle on the front if you happen to look at it upside-down. Collectors are also attracted to the very large red Treasury Department seal and the vignette featuring Native American princess Pochahontas on the right. The specimen sold at the Kagin’s ANA auction on Friday is graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 69 EPQ, making it one of only two notes ever given so high a grade by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG).

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $60,000.00 – $125,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $97,500.00 (+$17,062.50 buyer’s premium)

Lot 3201: Provisional Lot of the 11 note set of 1899 Five Dollar Silver Certificates.

Lot 3201 featured an 11-note set of $5 silver certificates from 1899. Besides the wonderful porcelain blue seal and denomination markers on the front, the centerpiece of each bill is a portrait of Hunkpapa chieftan Running Antelope. Sadly, he died in 1896, never getting to see the silver certificates that bear his likeness.

Every specimen in this lot is graded Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ; some have signatures running from bottom to top on the front.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $75,000.00 – $125,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $85,000.00 (+$14,875.00 buyer’s premium)

Lot 3237: Fr. 2231-B. 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note. New York. PCGS Apparent Choice New 63. Pinholes Fille

Graded Apparent Choice New 63, this high-denomination 1934 Federal Reserve Note was once part of the famous Binion Hoard in Nevada. And while that particular hoard is better known for its silver dollars, a stash of 100 $10,000 Federal Reserve notes were a part of it. This particular example comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The distinctive baldheaded countenance of Salmon P. Chase, Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln from 1861-64, is featured on this denomination. Additionally, the seal is printed in a lighter shade of green than future series of Reserve Notes, which is another reason for the note’s rarity.

  • Pre-Auction Estimate: $100,000.00 – $150,000.00 USD
  • Price Realized: $85,000.00 (+$14,875.00 buyer’s premium)



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